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For Sale or Trade: Anedio D1

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For Sale or Trade:
Anedio D1

Will Trade For: WA6SE
Will Ship To: ConUS


Head-Fi Thread: Review: Anedio D1 DAC - my new reference DAC

Tried both this and a MiniMax which I sold earlier.  It appears the Saber 9018 sound isn't for me, going back to the NOS DAC world.  Unlike the Minimax, this is more than just a DAC - with its jitter busting/filtering capabilities it obviates the need for a DI in most cases and it also includes a solid headamp. There are reports in the above referenced thread where folks are choosing to use the headphone out over other amps that cost more than the price I'm offering this unit at, which is now nearly $400 less than it would have been when it was still in stock.  If you put all of that together, this is a stellar value for a DAC using a top-tier chip.


Will trade for a WA6SE.




NOTE: There was a previous offer to evaluate the unit for 1 week, I'm taking that off the table now that I've dropped the price. 


ps: Sorry about the photo, my iPhone and the Head-fi Java applet seem to disagree about orientation...

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Hi Bobeau


I'm interested (thanks to reading project86's review) but am located in Australia and was wondering whether it will comply with the 240v power over here.


I'd rather not have to bother converting voltage to 115v (would just as soon purchase the ha-160d instead).







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Sorry, it's 115Vac only.  Enjoy the Burson, it sounds like a great unit.

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great DAC (from what ive read) from an awesome person.  Beau gets an A+ in my book as we have two deals together in the last month or so. 

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