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If your interested in checking your system for issues with services and latency take a look at this:

Easy to use....let me know how it works...


Thanks for the link, i have used that one before in windows 7 but apparently it doesnt work in windows 8. I cant recall whether an differences came up with chnging settings such as processor scheduling and system timer would show any difference, from memory the main culprit in windows 7 was the wireless config service which created a spike every minute. Windows 8 is meant to have better processor scheduling than windows 7 but the thescyon latency tool wouldnt be able to show that. For settings hat can be easily toggled on or off I think its best to compare by ear to see whther they matter or not. Second to this chosing settings that make sense generally in terms of performance. The settings and hardware I find work best also seem to produce good system performance as well. The new task manager in windows 8 is good at identifying which orocesses are hogging resources and generating too much disk I/O activity.
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Jplay is not soooo good and is to $.

I prefer foobar with Asio.

I have a Focusrite 2i4 usb sound card.

Windows 8 64bit

Audio-Tehnica M50 headphones

Jamo 120 Power
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I'm a headfier who just found this thread and thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth for anyone else checking out JPLAY.


I just put JPLAY (trial version) on an old netbook (Atom processor) that I use to send USB to a Musical Fidelity VDAC, into a Sunrise II amp into modified Fostex T50RPs.


I have Comodo on the netbook and that may have made it a little more difficult to install and use JPLAY but I was successful.


I was not able to get the JPLAY driver to work without being logged in as an administrator.  As an administrator I was able to get it installed and use the JPLAYmini and FooBar2000 with JPLAY.


There is a very significant difference in the sound. I will not say at this point that I like it better, but it is different, and I expect I may end up liking it better. 


I will have to spend more time comparing before I decide to spend 99 euros on JPLAY however.  Even for a lifetime license that is a pretty large hunk of change and more than I have ever spent on any software other than a Windows 7 license.

Happy listening!

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