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Jplay anyone?

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I've been learning towards this Audiophile music player. Any users here, share your experiences! it is worth? 

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ever tried foobar?

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Not much to be honest. Do you know an interesting tweak? 

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what for? you can do everythign with foo, using extensions and configurations. for example I use mine as alarm with a "scheduller" component, or i set it to get lyrics and covers automatically, and so on.


we have some useful wikis here 

Foobar2000 A Guide To Set Up

Foobar2000 Appearance Customization


and if you want to know more the hydrogenaudio forums are a great place.



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Thanks for the links James, i will give it a shot. How does it compare to Winamp? (when using plugins, etc?)

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Jplayer? Isn't that some sort of player to embed video/audio into web pages? Or are you referring to something else entirely?

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Not familiar, but Foobar is half way decent. Not a fanboy of Apple, but their music system is amazing

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Im sorry guys, i made a lil mistake on the thread title. I was talking about Jplay

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Hello Guys, 

I'm a co-creator of JPLAY. We are focusing on sound quality only and we are quite confident, that there is no other player on Windows or Mac, that comes close when it comes to playback performance. I know it's bold, but everyone who tried our player says so. JPLAY is free to try, so everyone can test it in his system and if he likes it, he either buys it or stays with the free version - there is no scam here 

JPLAY is a hyper-optimized music playback engine. It's not a fully featured music management software like iTunes or JRiver. We don't claim it is: what we do claim is that jplay simply sounds better than any other software package in whatever shape or form. That is our only claim.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to answer any questions 

Best regards, 


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Cool, thanks for chime in Marcin. I'll try the free version, how does the user interface looks? 

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You're welcome :)

Ha, now is the tricky part, because there is no GUI, only text commands, but it's quite easy to use once you get used to it. There are few comprehensive articles on our blog that will help you understand how everything works. I'd start with this FAQ. I'd highly recommend you to listen and compare JPLAY to other players.. We have a customer who is using Parallels on Mac to run Windows, he reports that jplay not only works fine but even sounds better than Amarra! Frankly we are surprised at his result as Windows is virtualized under Parallels and that must have a net negative effect on sound quality - the fact that even with that negative it sounds better is astonishing....




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Sorry to bring back an older thread but I just wanted to put my quick $.02 in. I found JPlay.. somehow. I really do think it sounds better than my Foobar2K with ASIO. Even on my little system, I'm noticing a sound quality difference. Not sure how they do it, and honestly, I don't care. I just got done listening to my Clapton Chronicles album in ALAC, and there is more body to the music, more  instrument separation going on here. Well done, Marcin_gps n' team. BTW, I think the complete lack of a GUI is kinda nice.

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I like cosplay wink_face.gif

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Originally Posted by Il Mostro View Post

I like cosplay wink_face.gif


wtf this got to do with music players??


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Thanks J.Pocalypse! (nice nick  BTW:D)


We're working on a new version that will introduce new functionality (bit-perfect volume control, polarity inversion...) and the sound is amazing - the biggest progess since the beginning of JPLAY. The new version should be released next week or so, so stay tuned :)




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