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Grado sr80i/sr125i require an amp?

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I am looking to invest in some new headphones but I dont want to carry an amp with me everywhere I go. I currently use Monster Turbine Pro Coppers and UE triple fi 10's, but I am looking for cans that are still somewhat small and portable, mainly grados. So my main question is, will I need an amp? Which models would require one if I were to be using an ipod. Are their any other suggestions as far as other brands and models that are still pretty "small"? I basically dont know much about cans. 

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Two things:

1) You don't need an amp for SR80 or SR125.

2) As i understand you need portable headphones. Does that means you want to use them in public places? If so then Grados may not be the best idea as they are open back - no isolation and leaks sounds every which way. In case you wondering about other options these two threads may help:


Short list of portables that some people here like (and why):



A massive list of portable headphones compared:


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The HD25's are nice with rock music. You can also try the ATH-es7's. 

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Grados are not really portable. They have a 5' thick garden hose cable you'd have to either stuff into your pocket or your bag if you're carrying one. You'd have to run them at higher volumes so that won't be kind to your hearing either.


As for needing an amp, I've never found any of mine to need an amp, but the reason people suggest it is because they're good enough to scale with amplification properly. 


If you can buy an SR125, you can afford a lot of other portables which will cost less. I still only wear IEM's outside and seeing that you have TF.10's you're already more than properly equipped on that front!

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I mainly want to have them to fit in my backpack and to not look giant on my tiny head


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Here is a pic of them on my ugly head. Stock SR-125's (non-i)



I wouldn't wear them outside, but to each his own.

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what about the iGrado?

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Well now I dont think i will be getting Grado due to it being open back. I have narrowed down my list to Sennheiser HD25, HD 558, HD 598. Anyone else have suggestions? Of these, which is better? 



I was also looking at Shure SRH940. 

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HD 558/598 are also open back headphones, so that makes the HD25-1 an easy choice i suppose. I see you already have a TF10, keep in mind that the HD25-1 (or any fullsize headphone for that matter) might sound worse to your ears than the TF10 when unamped. Although the Senns are very easy to drive, I found they really need more power behind them to be able to keep up with the TF10.

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I actually just picked up a set of Shure SRH940's for a great deal. I hope they are good considering I have not heard much about them. 

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