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Did I hear you say you want an SPL Phonitor? - Page 4

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I would really like the opportunity to plug my HD800 into this amp to try out its sound shaping features. From what I have read it would be a match made in heaven.

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Hi guys--long-time lurker here, this is my first post. Been considering signing up here for the past couple of weeks... Guess it just took a *bit* more incentive to finally join up.


Anyways, beautiful amplifier--it's in a level totally above any of the other audio stuff that I own--and would doubtlessly mesh with other people's systems way better than it would with mine. But boy, do I want it. ^^ And hey, if I did get it, that'd totally give me an excuse to spend my bonus this year on new headphones to try out on it, so that I could actually write a half-way decent review. k701smile.gif

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I would love to try a pair of LCD-2's in this, ill be getting them in about a week. Perfect timing for a SPL Phonitor

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Sounds great, I'm in! Danke!

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What the hell? I'm in. Figure I have a 1 in 6000 chance. 

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Wow!!! This is really awesome! Thanks guys :D

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Woooooooooooo! L3000.gif

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I hear the crossfeed in this unit is phenomenal. I have been wanting one, but no one makes them any more. I just spent all my money on an amp. Maybe I will be so lucky to win this one. Then I would have something to compare it to.

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have you thought about making your own crossfeed?


the meier cross-1 is phenominal, and ive heard reasonably good things about the modified linkwitz crossfeed.


i made meiers simple natural bass boost crossfeed and it works pretty well and can be built cheaply.

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Yeah, I have but I am not much for building things. Id like to, its more about ability and time. I have thought about finding someone else to build me one though. Maybe I will eventually. 

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A chance at the SPL Phonitor will actually get me to sign up on Twitter!


I have always wanted to check a Phonitor out...crossfeed and the best-looking amp, I think.  (Who doesn't love VU meters)?


If you like your phones and music, then the last frontier is headroom, imaging, and/or having a subwoofer around for feeling the lows... 

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I entered a few days ago via twitter. I would love to compare it to my Burson and try out the different crossfeed options. In addition to my LCD-2, I can also try it with an Ultrasone HFI-780 and a Grado SR80i. I could try the amp unbalanced with my Burson as DAC or balanced with my Mackie firewire mixer.

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LOL if i win this thing i'll have to buy myself some decent headphones just to review this dt880smile.png

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Fantastic giveaway!

Congrats in advance to the lucky winner, I hope you'll be over the moon beerchug.gif


P.S. SPL can you ship some of that famous beer over with it?

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AMAZING! This is a SUPERB headphone amplifier.

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