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Wow... I can't imagine how utterly encomiastic it would be with my hd800 and w1000x. Magnificent build, bravo guys.

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Great opportunity.. Thanks!

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This is awesome, good luck to everyone! the lucky one should post some reviews.





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I do not have Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Google Plus, nor MySpace...

Any chances to enter?

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I've always thought this was one of the most beautiful headphone amps. Would be amazing on my desk with HE-500 (soon).

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bad luck to everyone I want to win :P I kid I kid, good luck but I still hope i win :D

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This is awesome... Did I mention my birthday's next week? Oh yeah I did, right after my shout.

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This is quite coincidental!! k701smile.gif I just opened a thread here on Head-fi asking why the AKG K702 require more power than the Sennheiser HD650 when the impedance and the sensitivity are lower in the K702. This SPL meter would be a great tool in understanding db sensitivity. Here is the thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/561890/does-a-higher-impedance-value-always-mean-lower-volume#post_7595913


If I'm worthy of this SPL Phonitor, I shall review it here on Head-fi and on Youtube.




Ram biggrin.gif

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Thank You, SPL, for such an excellent opportunity . 

Phonitor has very good specifications.

A frequency response is really interesting. It's up to >200 kHz ( -3 dB) while it goes down as well <10 Hz ( -3 dB).  Dynamic range is 129.5dB basshead.gif

It will be interesting to see the performance on DVD-A material.

THD is 5x-10x smaller than any headphones have . It means that there won't be a bottleneck with any audiophile's class headphones. Let's see.


But the most important than anything else that it can emulates the loud speakers. 

It's particularly interesting for me the controls like speaker angle and crossfeed. It can make a big difference for material with a rich stereo content.












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Nice promotion guys, really awesome!

I've been drooling over this amp for a good while. It looks very intriguing.


Question; I dont have facebook, nor do i have twitter. A close friend of mine who has no flavor of audiophilia does have facebook. Can i tell her to shout for me with my nickname on the end?


Oh and i'd say exclude the yanks! Most giveaways i've seen from the usa are only for US folk. This is THE time for payback! very_evil_smiley.gif

Ofcourse this has nothing to do with increasing chances for us euro's, not at all :)

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I would love to share the sounds of SPL hardware in my region beyond the shop that sells it. I'd love to compare it to some other amps, and see how a dynamic rig using it compares to stax.

Thank you for the great offer

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Even though the chances are slim, I hope I win this as my first (and probably only :(..) amp.

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Would be amazing to win this amp!  Thanks for the contest!

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Awesome Guys I hope I can get this baby for a full review and great looking amp

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So about the expert panel, meaning this is actually decided based on user history and not completely at random?

Correct me if I'm wrong, because it sounds like you're more likely to choose experienced head-fier's who will actually give some extensive feedback upon winning.
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