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Did I hear you say you want an SPL Phonitor?

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Hello again to all Head-Fiers!


We are very happy that our last Phonitor post (http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/555293/spl-phonitor-any-thoughts) got such a good response in the forum... But what really cheered us all up at Niederkrüchten (yes, we know that's unpronounceable — and in Germany :-) was that those of you who actually own or have used a Phonitor are really thrilled with it! That's what we work for...



And it was also interesting to see that those of you who haven't had the chance to use one expressed your desire to try one... So, we decided to give you that chance:


We are going to give away a FREE Phonitor headphone monitoring amplifier to one lucky Head-Fier!!





What do you have to do?


Nothing much, you just have to go to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/spl.info), look for the Head-Fi Giveaway Post and shout “I WANT MY FREE PHONITOR! Head-Fi Username”. For example: “I WANT MY FREE PHONITOR! Rik - SPL”.

If you don't have a Facebook account don't worry, you surely have Twitter, right? In that case you just have to start following us (http://twitter.com/splhifi) and tweet “@splhifi I WANT MY FREE PHONITOR! #splhifi Head-Fi Username”. For example: @splhifi I WANT MY FREE PHONITOR! #splhifi Rik - SPL.


The winner will be chosen by a panel of Facebook and Twitter experts (hmm, meaning us...). Remember, it is very important that you include your Head-Fi Username, otherwise we won't be able to consider your shout.


Afterwards, as part of the giveaway deal and once you have received your brand-new Phonitor, you are also going to have to tell everyone about your experience with it here on the Head-Fi forum: listening tests, different headphones used, comparisons, highlights, drawbacks (are you serious?), etc...


Want your FREE SPL Phonitor? Start shouting now... The giveaway will run until July 15, 2011!!


Viel Glück (or good luck)!!!


Here's more info on the SPL Phonitor: http://spl.info/hardware/headphone-amps/phonitor


--------------------------------------------ATTENTION: WINNER SPOILER-------------------------------------------


The time has come to announce the long-awaited winner of the SPL Phonitor. But first let me thank all of you again and clarify something, since some of you weren't sure how the winner would be selected:
The winner was picked totally random from all 512 valid entries (including Facebook and Twitter). So, yes, it all came down to sheer luck. And the lucky winner is...
**drum roll**
Mark Midura a.k.a. keanex to the Head-Fi community... Stay tuned to his review here in Head-Fi in the near future! 
Congratulations Mark! And thanks again to everyone else... who knows one of you might be the lucky winner of another SPL contest one of these days!
All the best,
Rik - SPL

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Wow this is a serious amp. I'm really hoping I get a chance to listen to it. ;-) Thanks a ton guys

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Saw this offer on twitter...amazing! I loved using the Phonitor at the Detroit head-fi meet last month. I wish I had gotten to spend more time with it.


Thanks for the chance SPL!



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Thank you SPL for giving us a great chance to own one of the best SS amp in the market!! black phonitor really looks amazing :) pretty sure it sounds GREAT as well!

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I did it! thanks for opportunity!rolleyes.gif

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Thank you a ton for this opportunity! I would love to win of course haha. It looks pretty darn cool I really want to hear one now, maybe someday. I could compare it to my Burson amp if I won. I'm sure it would make a great comparison especially since the Burson is already so well regarded. Obviously this cost more then the Burson as well but that does not mean I can't compare it.
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OMG.. definitely will try this even the chance is low ==

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What does the first post say? I can't read it.

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I'd only have two sets of phones to try at this point, wouldn't have much (anything) to compare it to, and I'm bad at describing things, but that doesn't mean I won't try to win this thing anyway!

Hey look... 500th post
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Great chance to win a truly hi end hp amp.  Thank you!!

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This is a great promotion.  Signed up for twitter and made my first tweet the day this thread popped!  Been searching around for the perfect mate to my HD800s.  I've heard nothing but good things about the pairing.  Good luck to everyone!  

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It's very cool to see things like this done.  I don't have any cans currently worthy of the Phonitor, so I couldn't do a worthwhile review anyway.  Good luck to everyone else!!

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Signed up. I REALLY REALLY want this...considering I'd never be able to afford it otherwise haha. Thanks for doing this!

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This is awesome i really want to replace my marantz amp with a dedicated one. Hopefully this is my chance.

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