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Funny, I'm using Linux. When playing music I get periodic glitches and annoying clicks when changing tracks. No issues at all with the XMOS chip.

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So you guys are saying my experience with the teac is not how all DACs work when using optical out?

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What is your experience BP?


If coax/toslink is utilised, the DAC no longer depends on it's native drivers (which I presume would remedy all the issues people having). Instead, performance and behaviour should largely ne dependant on the sound device that is outputting the digital signal (unlike USB asynch, where the receiver [the crappy Tenor chipset in this case] has the most control over what is happening in the "input" domain).

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Well when I had it plugged in via optical and using WASAPI in foobar, it would keep flipping between sampling rates during a song, even when using a rip from a redbook cd or an HDtracks album

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That's really weird! I was tempted to get it back out the box and attempt another clean driver install now it's been removed, but I've a feeling I'll be wasting my time with this thing...

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Originally Posted by daws0n View Post

I am having a nightmare with this thing! Running on Windows 7 Home Premium x64, the drivers are so poor it's practically broken for me...


I've tried outputting with foobar, MP-HC and VLC player and no matter what I do the DAC "disappears" from the O/S and device manager at random (sometimes after just a few seconds). This causes the players to output unknown errors and crash randomly, making music enjoyment impossible. I have to power cycle the unit to get it recognised again.... This happens with WASAPI and simple direct show output... Furthermore, in the brief time it plays if I seek through a track the sound distorts heavily too.

If anyone has experienced similar issues and has found a fix, please let me know!

This is what I did:

1. Power up the DAC and the PC.

2. Plug a USB cable between DAC and PC.

3. Go into Windows Device Manager.

4. Uninstall all the USB drivers under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

5. Right click on the words Universal Serial Bus Controllers in Device Manager.

6. Left click on "Scan for hardware changes".


This rebuilds the USB drivers for items that are found. It also loads up the correct drivers for the TEAC if it was not the correct ones that were in use.

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As dawson said, the sole problem with the DAC is the poor Tenor 8802 driver .


To put my case, after the disconnection problems I had reported here, I decided to try to hook up the DAC to my laptop via USB (player Foobar/ASIO). I installed the drivers, and voila, everything works as expected, no disconnections or problems whatsoever. I concurrently connected the desktop via Optical (player Foobar/WASAPI), output limited to 24/96, no issues too. Only issue being an occasional hiccup (playback momentarily stops a few times) but as I stream audio via ethernet (NAS) to PC/laptop, this may be due to network latency. Not a big issue really. I have yet to try playing from local disk, just to verify that the network is indeed the one to blame.


Both laptop and desktop run Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. For me, problems go down on the Tenor driver, it simply does not work well in all systems (and probably clashes with other Audio drivers present). In case of problems, I would advise to fully uninstall all other audio drivers (note that a simple uninstallation may not work, you would need to disable audio device in BIOS so that Windows does not automatically load a driver upon startup), and leave TEAC as the only audio device. It is very possible that issues are solved, yet I did not try this because I need the sound card's microphone ADC (for Skype calls)


Last, TEAC has not updated the Tenor driver yet, but there is a new driver on the audio-gd site (http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/TE8802/TE8802EN.htm), version 1.1 is supposed to be the new Tenor 8802 driver. Should not hurt to try it...

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Thanks for the advice. I decided to stick with Xonar STX as that works without a hitch. Whatever sonic benefit the TEAC may bring to the table is clearly offset by crappy drivers and compatibility - not worth the trade off IMO.


Boxed up and returned :(

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Originally Posted by daws0n View Post

 Whatever sonic benefit the TEAC may bring to the table


None. Tested and compared to STX.  The only advantage TEAC has is a slightly better sounding headphone amp, both DAC's are high enough in specs that the difference in sound may not be even be measurable, let alone heard by human ears. I ******* myself over by buying the Asus Xonar Essence One, and especially Musical Fidelity M1DAC, thinking because it costs almost 1000$ it's gonna sound better than STX. Well, to hell it will. Maybe with some extremely high end speaker setup or something, but with your average mid-high end <500-600$ headphones, no way.

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Can anyone comment on how well this DAC works on Windows XP?

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There is a new driver guys http://www.teac.com/product/ud-h01/downloads/

and they've released a player as well http://teac.jp/product/hr_audio_player/

My DAC is coming in next week, gonna see how it goes...

good luck

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Not gone one of these any more but am interested to hear how folk get on!


New version details:


TEAC USB HS Audio Software Package V1.0.2.1a


Which is odd, since Audio-GD's TE8802 drivers were already V1.1.27.2a months ago confused_face_2.gif

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I see no new driver, everything is dated 2012.

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Very late 2012 (as in nearly new year).

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Yeah ok, I had already seen that and thought it was common knowledge.


I'm expected a Teac Ud-H01 from ZzSounds. I plan to use it on a Windows XP laptop. Does it work well with XP?

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