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Well I had a problem with my original iGrado's, seems after 5 years they developed a short around the phono plug and were putting out sound only to one side.

I figured these were $60 so I guess they could be considered "disposable". But I decided I would contact Grado to see if they would fix these as I had them nicely modded for myself.

The people at Grado were great, I had to send in a repair form along with a check for $18 and the iGrado's themselves.

They had the option for $4 to put on new pads but I declined as mine were quarter modded.

Well I just recently got the iGrado's back and I'm pretty sure these are a newer revision and not the ones I sent in.

Mine looked just like the original product but with modded pads and the foam removed from the inside of the cups, the cable was identical to the one in this picture:



The version I got back from Grado was quite different:




A very different cable, quite a bit thicker and sturdier than the original, and I like the 45 degree phono plug over the original one.




The foam inside the cups have been removed and I'm sure these are not my original drivers as I had removed the mesh screening on the inside of the cups:




As you can see the screen is now back in place.




Headband has a silkscreened iGrado logo, the pair I sent in had a silver metal insert with iGrado in black lettering on it.



All in all I think the revision if this is indeed one is to address some of the weaker points on these, They must have agreed with most of us on the foam inside the cup not helping flow, gotta give Grado props for sending me a new pair for just $18.