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Purchased a Rotel CDP from Mike and he is great to deal with. Will have no hesitations to buy or sell with Mike in the future. Highly recommended.
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Mike sent my package so fast, in these rushed days, and with many other packages to sort and mail that he forgot to include the dedicated USB connector for the unit.

Well. In the next few days I got Priority Mail from him with the dedicated cord inside!

Thanks to him for going the extra mile, I can now download my sounds!

Thanks, dude! Merry Xmas!
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I bought a CD set from Mike. The set was well packaged and arrived in excellent condition as advertised. I would certainly do business with him again.
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Bought the MS-2's from tyrion. Excellent transaction. Great communication and prompt shipping. The product was exactly as described. Would not hesitate to do business with again. Highly recommended seller.
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Sheer Class on a stick... deal with confidence and then some, Mike is a true old School gentleman on a rating of 1 to 10 he's 11 a class act.
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I forgot to give Mike feedback for something I bought from him, and for the life of me I can't remember what it was. But hey, he's a great guy who also hosted a meet in South Florida that I attended. I must have drank too much because he posted on my feedback thread that I bought something from him and did my duty by paying for it... whatever it was, I really like it a lot and it arrived on time, well packed, etc. I'll edit this post once he reminds me what it was. He he. Oh ya, it must have been one of those Sennheiser replacement cables I bought. The Equinox, now I remember... sorry for not thanking you earlier, Mike.
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I bought a pair of Sony CD3000s used from Tyrion. There was one issue... the CD3Ks were not the condition advertised-- they were better! Hehe. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with him, and I will do more in the future preferably.

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is that a rolls royce engine
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He joined in the 2nd Quail Group buy. He paid promptly. Would gladly deal with him again.

P.S. Sorry for the late feedback.
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I sold an Alessandro MS2 to Tyrion. He was quick to respond to messages and was quick to Paypal me once a price was agreed upon.

This was my first sale on Head-Fi and I am glad Tyrion was my first buyer.
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I have also found Tyrion to be a very good person, honest and more than fair to deal with. He is a HeadFi all time great. Mikey01
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I bought a porta corda II from Mike. The deal took a few days to complete but it is all because of how nice of a guy Mike is. He gave the person ahead of me in line a generous amount of time to complete the deal and I respect him a lot for that. After the first buyer backed out, I paid for the item (at night) and Mike shipped it the very next day. He took great care in shipping as it was placed inside a padded mailer and then placed inside a box with popcorn. An added bonus is that Mike included a battery so I could rock on immediately! Great person to deal with! Thanks Mike!
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Great to deal with! Fast communication. An asset to Head-Fi!
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postive feedback

sold an amp to tyrion. he paid fast and kept good communication. a pleasure to deal with.
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Bought a pair of E3's from Tyrion. He had a good price, shipped quickly and kept in touch through out the whole process. I would buy from him again.
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