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I sold tyrion some tubes. He communicated clearly and paid promptly. The entire transaction was easy and trouble free. I would surely recommend tyrion as a buyer and I wouldnt hesitate doing business with him again.
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I bought a pair of Grado SR-60s from tyrion. Great communication, fast shipping and the headphones were well-packed in the box. I would definitely do business with tyrion again.

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Purchased an item from Mike. Smooooth transaction all the way!
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I bought an Equinox Senn replacement cable form Mike, and of course all went well. Let's just call it another smooth and easy transaction with one of head-fi's good guys.
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tyrion bought a dac from me, easy,smooth. payment was quick! i would gladly sell him more things!
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I bought a pair of e5's from Mike. His description was exact and shipping was prompt! All around, it very pleasurable to deal with such a great guy. I'm enjoying them now, thanks again!
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Tyrion sold me a pair of Alessandro MS1's. They arrived very quickly and in great shape. A great deal + a great seller = a killer combo.

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Ram Signature cd 25

I bought this cdp from Tyrion. The initial transaction went smoothly. There were some shipping snafu's and Tyrion looked into it and cleared things up. He even didn't charge me for shipping on part of the package since things got a little screwed up.

Very stand up guy and I highly recommend doing business with this head-fier.
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Couple CDs

Bought Dave Brubeck's Time Out and Miles Davis's Bitches Brew from tyrion, good transaction all around and the CDs were packaged very securely. Would do business again!
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Cardas replacement cable for sennheiser

Bought a brand new Cardas Replacement cable from him. Fast delivery and very well packed. A+ deal but not as good as the headfier behind the deal.
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Tyrion picked up some Herbies Tube dampeners from me, paid quickly and as everyone knows he's a great guy to deal with
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Always a pleasure dealing with Tyrion. Thanks, Mike. Cd's are great!
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Bought an XP-7 from tyrion. Got here super fast and was packed with 2 layers of bubblerap. Great communication and he even put a set of 9volts in it for me to start listening to as soon as it came out of the box!. Great doing business with him.
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I purchased a HD300 from Mike. Fast shipping, great communications, and amp was very well boxed. Mike is a 1st class guy to do business with. 4 thumbs up!!
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I purchased a set of SR225s from and Mike this last week. Mike was a complete pleasure to deal with. He made sure that I was informed of circumstances surrounding shipping and what the expected time of arrival would be.

I must say, this transaction will set the precedence for all my future transactions made over the internet.
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