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Bought a beautiful set of HD650s w/ custom cable (made by n_maher) from Tyrion. Item was exactly as described, well packaged, and sold at a good price. Very relaxed, easy-to-deal-with seller - no pressure or rushing. Highly recommended!
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A couple of months ago, I paid Tyrion for an iPhone 3GS. USPS tracking showed that the package couldn't be delivered because there was a problem with the address on the package (presumably it didn't have the right address). Mike refunded me my money with no fuss. Thanks, Mike. I hope USPS returned the package to you safely.
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mike purchased my KGSS. no problems. smooth, courteous transaction.

enjoy the amp.
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Mike sold me his Stax Lambda Signature and SRD7-Pro. It couldn't have gone smoother. He provided the tracking information and when it arrived it was well packed. Everything is in perfect shape for it's age; very well taken care of. Did I mention that they sound amazing too? Thanks for the great deal Mike!
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Bought an ALO Rx headphone amplifier from Tyrion real cheap compared to other sellers. I wish i knew your name my friend. Amp as described MINT condition!!! Very fast, helpful, spot on guy. Will buy from you again!!!
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Mike sold me a used PS Audio Perfectwave DAC for much less than a new discounted model would cost me, and it arrived looking like it was new.  It's been functioning flawlessly and is one of my best purchases since I got into head-fi.  I believe this is my 3rd transaction with Tyrion over the past 2 years, and I would not hesitate to buy or sell with him again in the future. 

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