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I sold a Perreaux SXH-1 amp to tyrion. He was a great guy to deal with! He paid immediately after we struck a deal (and I mean immediately), and was very easy to communicate with. I'd deal again with him anytime. Highly recommended!
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This guy is A1 . he did lend me an equinox cable for the HD600 for a week .
Wow - talking about trust .
Id do business with this man anytime .
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Traded my EX71 for Tyrion's PX200. Item arrived in 2 days. Highly recommended!
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purchased a NAD 521i from tyrion. quick transaction and packaged well.
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Courteous, good communicator. Bought his NAD 541i, promptly delivered in double box. Would not hesitate to do business with tyrion again. Thanks.
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Bought a Mini to RCA interconnect from him. Quick and easy transaction. Thanks!
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Pleasure to deal with!

Mike purchased my M1 Allesandro headphones. He paid quickly and was a pleasure to communicate with. Highly recommended!

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Bought Perreaux amp from tyrion. Amp arrrived safely in great condition. Very satisfied. Would do business with again.
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I purchased a set of DT 880's from Mike. It was a smooth transaction- thanks to Mike's careful packing, the cans arrived safely! I hope we can do business in the future.
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he bought a pair of cans from me. smooth transaction.
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too cool. chipolte buritto bucks!!! thanks.
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Extreme pleasure to deal with! Fast payment and quick emails! Sold him my PPA and I would gladly do buisness with him again! Thanks dude, ENJOY!!!
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Bought used 580s from tyrion. They were shipped promptly and packed well. In fact, some @!#(#$ kicked the %(@* out of the box and when I first saw the SEVERE box damage I was thinking at first, "Oh no!" and then "Who do I kill?"... but after opening the package and finding the 580s in seemingly fine and dandy condition I calmed down.

Nice job.

Will buy from him anytime.
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Bought RAM Signature MMF CD-25 from Mike. Great communication throughout the transaction. The CDP was shipped quickly and packed very well. Thank you!
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A model Head-fi'er

Sold a Cardas headphone cable to Tyrion. He paid quickly and kept in good communication. I would definitely do business with him again.
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