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How can I feel something this intense? - A surreal feeling of infinite hope?

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I have been thinking a lot about whether to publish this question on this forum, as I don't want to annoy anybody on this forum.......

so please forgive me if you are annoyed by my behaviour.  


Hi People,

There is a phenomena which i notice with myself:

A feeling of deep melancholy and self reflection, which makes me sad and depressed.
But the sad depression, comes along with happiness and a sort of "relief" (which can not really be described as such). Those moments almost move me to tears, it is unbelievably deep and intense. It reminds me of a perfect world, a surreal fantasy-world / the imperfection of this world and the suffering we all encounter every day (even if we don't want to admit). Fleeing from the worlds problems....a longing for something I can not really grasp. All problems are replaced my this sensation. 
Hope...., infinite hope.

As I said, it is difficult to describe.....

This feeling often from listening to a hand-full of songs.


In my case: 
Eminem - Beautiful (Relapse)
Leona Lewis - My Hands (Echo/Final Fantasy 13 theme song)
- in combination with the FF13 trailer or the FF13 end-scene, the feeling becomes even stronger. (I have not played the game.)

I hope I could give you a very basic idea of that sensation I encounter, especially when I am listening to those songs.

Thank you for reading, I would appreciate some opinions.

Have a nice day.


P.S.: The videos: 


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it's called mental masterbation... people widely indulge in it 

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What do you mean?

It is a sensation, which happen to feel. Does it have anything to do with "purpose"?

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I experience this when I listen to Django Reinhardt 

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Do you suppose that feeling can be described with an example such as going from listening to ur all time favorite 192kbs song on an ipod with portapros and then realizing what it really sounds like with, lets say, sennheiser hd800 with dac1 or better source with the original cd? cuz that'd be what i would be doing if i ever did that.

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what do you mean exactly, if i may ask?

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maybe its gas ?  :P

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sorry, but for me, this is a quite important issue.

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Why would you think this would make people mad?

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You can never know how people will react if you post your philosophical questions on a headphone forum and hope for an answer.

And I am often afraid that I insult people on the internet, as they can't see anything but my writing... 


in short, people can be strange and easily insulted, especially on the web.

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I don't really think what you describe is that uncommon. After all, the concept of hope in the face of adversity is an oft-used theme in all sorts of artistic work.


For me, Armin van Buuren - Burned with Desire has this sort of happy/sad epicness (?) that you are talking about:


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Leona Lewis's "My Hands", is rather a kitschy love song, which is supposed to make heartbroken women cry.......

It makes me think about the most basic philosophical questions. Living, dieing, existence, decay, emptiness......dreaming is always better than reality, hence my name.

Those thoughts and ideas make me cry, a way to salvation.


It creates a deep wish inside me.

A wish to live here:




.....(sigh)....I hate living in this world.


P.S.: I am not a computer nerd.

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Yeah but you can't live in that world, we are kind of bound to this one.

I know the dream world can be attractive, in a drug-like way, but it's not real.

Im no example to follow, but I think facing reality is the only way

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i know, i know....(sigh)

those feelings are really irritating......dreams are only dreams.....

60% melancholy

23% hope

10% all the rest


.....makes me want to commit suicide.... 


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If you ask me this forum is lacking these type of threads. Something substantial instead of for example ''what did I buy this time''. It's hard to tell what you exactly mean but going by your figures of melancholy and hope I can certainly imagine you feel unhappy. When you say that feelings of depression makes you feel somewhat relieved maybe it's because you are depressed and at that time you acknowledge it? It might feel nice in some way but in the end there's nothing much to gain from going to dreamworlds and indulging in feelings of melancholy. Not for too long anyway. You see yourself what it does to you: playing with life and death..

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