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Another option would be to get the drivers re shelled in a pair of customs ... cost you about 80 to 100 bucks ... search the forums for the couple of providers who are out there ...


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exactly, people are posting who never owned a Shure product nor dealt with Shure repair service simple cause they dont want to stall the engine that keeps them up in the air. What does that mean? Can never have a real unbiased opinion in fear of them not contributing.


Its funny, run through the forums and see how many negative reviews there are...hardly any....Is it that every single company makes an awesome/bullet proof product? Ya, ill believe that when rainbows fly out of my butt and smells like sherbert.

If you search the web (never mind head-fi.org) your going to find that (approx) 99% of the folks who have dealt with Shure's service dept. are going to have walked away from the experience pleased ...


The other 1% are going to have some sort of complaint. I've been on both sides of that ratio, BTW ... just not anything negative from Shure as of yet.


And I promise you, Shure is not in any sort of existential rut over whether their products are reviewed favorably or negatively on Head-fi.org; just the fact that they are the designers of the Shure SM58 microphone (the de-facto *standard* in live music performances from the biggest venue down to the dingiest pub) pretty much gaurantees they aren't sweating the chit chat over their IEM line. I'm positive they pay attention but their IEM line is really only about .00000000000000000000001% of what Shure contributes to the general field of high end audio production/performance.


Hell ... my first set of Shure IEM's was a early model of the E4C, the one without the flange on the nozzle (released later); one day a silicon tip came off and got stuck in my ear. It took me about 45 minutes of sweating with a tweezer to get it out; thought's of the ER were beginning to pass through my mind since every time I touched it, it slid further in. Anyway, eventually I got it.


So I wrote the service department a funny email about the experience, asking if they could simply send me a new set of nozzles (the ones with the flange, about a 10 cent item and one I knew they were okay with providing) ... the tech/service guy emailed me back within 10 minutes, asking if I could send him a scan of my receipt. I did this. He emailed me back saying, "Your new *earphones* will go out via USPS tomorrow morning." I was perplexed with his response but just wrote it off as semantics. Ten minutes later, I get another email from the service dude and it's a receipt for a pair of new SE530's with the designation "warranty replace."


And believe it or not, a week later a new set of SE530's was at my door step. Totally free. Didn't even have to send my old E4C's back! (original thread discussing the events can be found here, at overclock.net): http://www.overclock.net/sound-cards-computer-audio/512436-ocn-headphones-club-156.html#post6295537




But otherwise, I've been buying Shure products for 20+ years (almost exclusively, mics and live music production gear) ... and nothing but outstanding response from their service folk (not to mention a free set of SE530's!) ...


Try again and if your still unhappy then perhaps you should try writing a funny letter in lieu of a venomous one.





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I don't know about new product, but I got a Shure FP field mixer worked on by the guys at Delta Audio.  Good service but only old VHF.  They fix the Elvis Mics, etc.  Old stuff.

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