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Interesting. Hopefully I can make them within the next couple of weeks and see how it goes.
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So. Sitting next to me is a set of  B-stock sr60i 's and a really old set of sr60's. From a whole lot of ABing them i actually prefer the timbre of the old sr60's, it might be the condition of the driver (when I got them the gauze front was yellow and the pads were crumbling to dust) but the upper end is strangely textured - but subtle, and in a really sweet way. While the sr60is have more bass they sound less friendly to me.

Then came modding.

sr60's:  I punched two vent holes and lined the chamber with a thin strip of felt. Bass was bigger but quality much less. After removing the felt the quality came back! I haven't heard anyone else mentioning chamber damping affecting bass quality. Also the two vent holes bring the bass up to about the 60i level.


sr60is: Felt lining softened the sound, Once again I removed it to bring back quality but with the bigger chamber you can line the cup-inside as well as the part joined onto the driver so right now I've left the felt on the removable cup part and button. I also put a circle of felt on the driver back plate, seems good.


Why does lining the chamber reduce quality and increase bass?

Also will masking tape or J-cloth do to cover up vent holes? thats's what I'm using now to compare the difference.

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From my experiences lining the walls with felt with an SR60i, the scale of the sound became smaller and there was less 'air'.

I've read from different sources that the chamber dimensions behind the driver are carefully designed to produce the correct sound... playing around with it leads me to believe that it is correct. 


I found that the most important Grado mods are done ear-side (aside from vent-hole-punching) with different pad sizes, hole sizes, pad materials etc.

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I agree there, shrinking the chamber won't help anything. I just swapped the cups between the 60 and 60is. The old 60s sound  good with the larger cups, the sound opens up and feels less inside the ear as you'd expect. Better synergy with the venting too.  If only I had some wood...

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Has anyone tried to mod a newer "e" series?  Or are the changes made to the e-series make some of the mods built-in?

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I just opened up a SR 60i and the drivers say "Grado 32" with a red dot. Any particular significance there? 

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