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High-end Newbie...thoughts appreciated

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Hi All, Congrats on what looks like a kick-ass community.


Anyone know the "too many hobbies" feeling? With bikes, guns and cars, I'm trying really hard not to drown myself in headphone info as I have a tendency to dive in deep and let it consume all my time.  It would be very much appreciated if you'd offer up a couple thoughts based on a description of what I'm trying to do and I'll just follow your lead. I have read extensively, but feel overwhelmed.


I sit in a very open plan office and most of the time listen to music from my laptop headphone socket or from my iphone 4. I'd love to tell you otherwise, but the reality is, that's what I use.


I have had Senn HD 590's for probably close to 8 years and I love them, but they are very open-back. I'd like something semi-open that allows me to crank the volume a little more. I'm open to buying a headphone amp if that is suggested, but it would be really cool if the suggested headphones worked well on the iphone anyway as I'd just like that flexibility.


I used to lust after AKG's but here a lot of comments about the "made in China" thing now. Being a Design Engineer, the look of the product admittedly has an effect on me - Grado's have that lustworthy look to them.


Hopefully this helps a little?  Thoughts much appreciated.  I'd like to spend <$400







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Have you considered the Sennheiser HD-600 or HD-650? Both are available used in your budget and would be a nice step up.

(I like cars, guns and bikes, too. smily_headphones1.gif)
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$400 you say?


Amplifier (Little Dot MK III) + one of the following: DT900 600 (full open, bassy, super comfortable pillow cups), or AKG K702, or Grados SR325, or HD600 (look for used?), or Ultrasone Pro 2900 (look for used?)


Very best,

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