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Grado SR325is w/ flats vs. Rs1i

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So the other day I got a refund check in the mail from my old apartment complex for about $300 and I wasn't expecting it, so this nice surprise will go towards my next headphones.

This means I can get the 325 with flats for $30ish out of my bank (considering the $300 as a bonus)

But then that means I could get the rs1i for around 400... A super discount, but does it provide that great of a difference? I listen to nothing but rock and I'm really looking for the greatest details and nicest bass

What to do...
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I would get the RS1i.

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Go for the RS-1, It's a far better phone. I owned them both for over a year and sold the 325i. IMO the RS-1 highs aren't nearly as pronounced and the response overall is less colored.  I prefer TTVJ flats on all my Grados.

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I hate to be a party pooper but the MS-2's should be taken into consideration. That really bright treble is blunted a little bit, which is a nice thing. It's still very much a Grado though, maybe even a Grado-and-a-half in my opinion.


The RS series are smooooth though. Those looks could kill too. Maybe considering giving Marty a call, he can build RS-1 cups out of higher quality wood/finish and I'm sure if you mail him SR-225's he can accomodate you. Chrislangley who has a lot of experience with the wood grados swears his SR-80's sound better, theres a whole thread on modding Grados.


I really really like the MS-2's though. I'm not feeling that chromo robocop finish on the 325is these days. To each his own.

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Yeah I've had (and enjoyed) the MS1 for four years now. I was initially leaning towards the SR325 because I kept reading about how detailed they are. Do the MS2 also have great detail? I just love that sensation when you listen a favorite album and you hear new things you never did before. 

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Get RS1.  Yes the details are there on 325 but the details do not separate like the RS1. 

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Of course the MS-2's have great detail, but you get more warmth and midrange bass with the wood due to the shape of the chambers as well.


If you can afford the RS-1's get them though! They're a huge leap from the 325/MS-2 in price but they we're once considered the best headphones on the planet at one point in time! Some people like them more than the GS-1000's, which I don't really entirely agree with but thats great!


I really do enjoy the MS-2 aesthetics though.

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What's the general consensus of the RS2i? It always seems to be lost in the shadows of the RS1i when it comes to praise. I'm just curious, because my budget will allow me to get more than the 325/MS2, but the RS1i is more money than I'm accustomed to spending. I have the funds, but not the guts right now to spend so much on headphones
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I am actually in almost the same situation, i had a custom MS1 (woody) which i for some ungodly reason sold. And now I'm out dabbling in the 950$ max, bracket where the LCD-2, GS1000i and other monster-cans begin to be contenders. I listen to rock and a lot of metal - some electronica now and then, and i am currently talking with Martin about having a set of RS1 (not the "i" version) in custom wooden housings looking like the GS1000i made for the before mentioned price. Is this a good choice for the money or what would you purpose for those genres for around 950$? I know these will look amazing but I'm just curious if the sound is worth it...

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Are you on campus for the summer, or do your reside somehwere in VA?  I live in NoVA and have a couple pair of modded SR-225/SR-225i as well as a modded MS-1i -- they all sound pretty sweet.  I tried the MS-Pros for a week.  I love the higher-priced phones, but have a guilty feeling to attempt to perform any mods ont them, so I tend to reach for the lower bearing fruit on the Grado / Alessandro lines and work 'em up from there.


PM me if you like.

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I think SR325i willbe great cans in setup if AMPed them and they are very detailed, though RS1i are not huge step above SR325i.

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I think you should get the SR325i if you want an aggressive sound, and the RS1i if you're looking for something smoother and more refined sounding.

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I would buy the RS1i's, general consensus is that they are the best Grado. Plus, you'll never lose money with these cans if you don't pay full wack.. if you ever want to sell.

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What did you do to poor Mr. Bean!? *stares at avatar* blink.gif


I ended up choosing modded sr325i drivers for a more aggressive sound signature.

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I am leaning towards an aggressive sound signature as well. Did you do the bilavideo mods popping the holes in that paper/foam in the chamber and dampening the magnet? Did the modding of your SR325 help its infamous treble out? I just did the bilavideo mods this afternoon to my MS1 for practice and it wasn't hard at all. It definitely does have an airier sound thanks to the extra holes and air movement.


But then again, I think about damn head-fi's upgradeitus ... I could have the SR325is for a while, but then end up buying the RS1 anyway later on down the road... I could always just skip the middle man SR325is confused_face(1).gif

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