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For Sale: Modded Darkvoice 336SE (UK)

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For Sale:
Modded Darkvoice 336SE (UK)

Will Ship To: UK +EU


For sale is my Darkvoice 336 SE modded by Adamus (forum regular); mods as follows:


Elna Silmic II cathode bypass caps – reduced feedback generated by the cathode resistor, increases gain and generally opens up the sound.


Removed cheap chinese output caps (non branded… and look very odd!) and replaced with Mundorf Bipolar bypassed with obbligato films


Removed 250k linear pot (which meant all the volume came with the tiniest of movements), replaced with 100k Audio note audio taper potentiometer.


These mods took a good design and equipped it with the parts to perform.


The amp comes with upgraded tubes: 2 Sylvania 6SN7GTB and 2 RCA JAN 6AS7G.


£170 including postage to anywhere in the UK, Paypal gifted otherwise please cover the fee. Thanks  

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This is a great amp, folks. I'd buy it if I weren't leaving Norway (voltage 220) to head back to the US (volts 110). And Zenpunk's price is very good, given all the upgrades, tubes, etc. It's just crazy this 336SE hasn't yet sold.

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pm sent

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Mine now, and sounding great with HD650s!


Will leave something nice in feedback ;)

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