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Hi. Just received this converter. Glad I found it before buying any other one. It has a superior look and finish compared to other similar products. On paper, 24bit/192KHz operation, snr >90dB at only $30, this is unbeatable specs/price ratio. I don't think there is any better product for that price over there.

I have just checked all my sound sources with it (Media Center PC audio sources, Blu-Ray movies, etc, Cable Box) from a LG LED TV optical out to stereo wireless headphones, and everything runs ok. I know it does not decode Dolby so I had previously configured my digital sources to PCM, stereo or whatever option was available.

LG, as well as other TV manufacturers, for any obscure reason, they seem to have decided not to provide RCA stereo outputs anymore. Furthermore my TV has a minijack for headphones on rear panel that mutes the TV speakers as soon as you plug or leave something plugged into it. They must think they are so 'intelligent' those TV chip designers that they decide for me what do I have to hear and how. So now, many people including myself, is forced to search for a solution if their stupid decisions do not suit our needs, and I ended up looking for audio converters.

The device looks pretty well finished, exactly as you expect from the pictures or even better, very nice. I have not noticed any kind of background noise as other reviewers post for similar products, neither with nor whitout TV sound.

The only thing where you notice the typical 'Made in China' quality perception is by reading its poorly written tiny User Manual, but on the positive side, you can get some laughs with it as well.