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Originally Posted by jono454 View Post

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Schiit charges $100 (not $150) for asynch 24/192 USB, very reasonable IMO. Also it's nice that if you don't want it you don't have to pay for it or could add it later.

Isn't it $150 if you decide to get it later?


It is. Not sure why though. Doesn't seem right!


edit: maybe it includes installation and return shipping?

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Yesterday I did some listening on my large JBL TL260 speakers. They are known for being very detailed and for being an astounishing speakers for their price. I have to say.. even though you can sample some serious detail over headphones.. they still lack the punch speakers have. The Bifrost really made me hear some amazing songs, especially classical pieces the way ive never heard them before. My house was rumbling with the Star Wars theme and the Imperial March.. both by John Williams.

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Has anyone been able to get the bifrost with an ipad mini or ipad 4.  I tried using the cck and it crashes the ipad.  Does anyone know of a workaround?

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Yes a power USB will work
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I have the Bifrost and have the clicking problem. The connection is coax from CD player.

It occurs between tracks. The player is also a 6 disc carousel and it will click continuously

if I hit pause - and doesn't stop until I resume play.  I was in contact with Jason Stoddard

at Schiit and here's what he said...

"Yep, if the CD player interrupts the data stream, Bifrost will click. That's the muting relay, doing its job."


 " Bifrost's mute activates every time there's an interruption in the data stream. Some CD players have constant, repetitive interruption when in pause. The only real solution is to use a different player or computer source, I'm afraid."

So, what seems like a real design flaw is apparently 'Working As Designed'

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Speaking of clicks: it does pay to switch things around sometimes. I have an older Mac Mini (PPC/OS Tiger), and it wouldn't work via the USB input of my Gungnir. So I used an spdif converter that I bought recently, and it works fine (below). But the converter I bought a few years ago (came in blue, same exact form factor) didn't work, it tried to, clicked and gave up.



I'm sure there's a technical explanation, and if Jason says there's an audio benefit to this muting relay I believe him. But it can be a PITA, that's for sure.

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Does the USB upgrade make a difference in the sound of the bifrost
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Hello there folks.. Its been a while since i posted. Lucky enough i came across this thread just as the right questions were being raised. OK.. long story short:


Blue Alien, I (WILL) have the almost exact same rig as you: Lenovo (audio destroyer) => USB Bifrost (magical audio fixer) => Lyr (nuclear tube power plant) => K701 (my sweet AKGs). I have 3 questions for you:


  • Are you pleased with the way the Lyr drives the K702. Essentially, does it warm them up a tiny bit and do you like the overall presentation? Hopefully it is less bright.
  • How does the USB Bifrost work with the Lenovo? Ive got a newer Lenovo but im still concerned that it will not work properly. I hope there wont be any jitter.
  • On your current setup, how do you rate the Bifrost's USB performance with its SPDIF performance (sans the Lenovo, if you have tried it)?


HK_sends, what wuld you suggest as a suitable RCA interconnects for the Lyr - Bifrost combo. IMHO, I dont think high end cables are necessary such as Cardas or Nordost, however, I have no intention to run them with a 5$ crap bought in pc electronics store. What would you suggest? I am expecting a presentation that is as neutral as possible, or slightly warmer if it has to be, however, I dont want to add to the brightness of the AKG K701s.


Thank you guys, my questions are open to everyone!

Hey there, Mikiphile!


Actually, I think Schiit's Pyst cables sound best.  I have the older Q-Audio Interconnects (cotton sleeved, smaller overall guage) but I am prefering the Pyst.  Q-Audio's newer silk or nylon sleeved wires might be an improvement (they have a larger overall guage) but I don't have the funds to try them yet.

Hope that helps...



-HK sends

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Originally Posted by tuna47 View Post

Does the USB upgrade make a difference in the sound of the bifrost


Yep, nice improvement.

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So does the Uber Audio board.  I installed that just a few days ago and it makes the Bifrost sound warmer like the Gungnir.

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I've had a bifrost running for about a month now in my main listening room. I can not get over how much it has improved with burn in! I have always been skeptical of burn in on solid state electronics - but it's real to me now. The sound is warmer, more detailed and has better imaging. Amazing!
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