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I picked these up today. Quite impressive for a 99 euros set of cans. I am now having some second thoughts if I shouldn't have spent a bit more and gone for the Beyer DT770 pro instead. The price and the clamping headband threw me off but the Beyer had a much better noise isolation.


Would fitting a pair of 8400 pads improve isolation? And where can I get them in Europe?

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Originally Posted by wijnands View Post

And where can I get them in Europe?


At first I contacted the local "world distributor" which simply pointed me to the store where I bought the cans. Sure enough they got them but unfortunately they're pretty pricey. For instance, the 1.5m cable costs $10 in the US whereas here in Sweden, the store I bought them from asks for about $20. The KNS-8400 ear cushions seem to be about $30 in the US, while the store I bought them from are asking about $43.


We've got pretty high taxes here in Sweden though, so I guess I can't really blame them. I tried looking at Amazon UK, but nothing there. Amazon US got one pair from a seller, but they did not ship to me in Sweden. Not sure where to get them otherwise, I'll probably end up buying them from the store I got my cans from anyway.


EDIT: Re the isolation, I've got no clue.


Also, I'd like to thank tdockweiler very much for his review. So far these have been perfect for me.


Just in case anybody's wondering, these work perfectly with a rockbox'd Sandisk Sansa Clip+.

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nice thread here. for producing, and not really listening enjoyment, would you choose KNS 6400 or sony mdr v6?

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Just got a pair of these. I have to say, they're very impressive. Thanks for all the detailed reviews.


Does anyone have the coiled cable for these. I was wondering what the approximate unextended length is.


Also I'm not sure if I'm in love with the bump type pads. Has anyone tried removing them and replacing them with something like a dt770 pad?

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At the bottom of the second page in the user manual of these headphones,there is a warning,that the product contains a chemical that is known to cause cancer and birth defects.


Check page No2 (bottom of the page) on the following link (user manual)




I own these headphones and I use them quite often lately,so,is it something to worry about?

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This is not unusual to see as California has very strict rules on labeling of cancer causing chemicals.  Without knowing what the chemical is and how it is incorporated in the product it is hard to say.  My suggestion is not to eat them.

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Let's hope it's not something to worry about.


To be honest,I find it a bit strange,I've never seen something similar with other products in the past. (I mean the company itself to make such warnings about it's own products)

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Hopefully the cancer-causing chemical makes it sound better and the headphone can't be built the same way without it. Seriously, though, California has become a socialist authoritarian enclave like a lot of Europe with all their EU rules. Sort of freaky.

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Would these be good as a first ever real pair of headphones? I've been looking all over the place and keep coming back to these. In terms of balanced sound, isolation, comfort, soundstage etc..

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Go for it Jebus.
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if i get it right, krk 6400 should be good for fps games (Soundstage/Positional accuracy/Detail retrieval)

but how they sound for rock music?


i listen large range of rock, from hendrix to rhcp, some "metal" like iron maiden and sometimes i like ska
prefer clear sound over bassy, instrumental separation, ...


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is there any velour pads that fit krk?


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any idea how these compare to sennheiser's HD 439s? Also known as balanced closed headphones.

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This is my first post, so excuse the Noob-E-ness (yup just made that up). Anyways I spent about 2 1/2 hrs at Guitar Center today looking for some new cans.  I went in with my mind set on buying the SHR-440's but while I was there I saw they had SHR-440, ATH-M45's and KNS-6400 and 8400's. YEY FOR ME!! I brought my iPod 5.5 and went to work. For myself I was looking for something VERY transparent, no coloration at all. I listen to mostly jazz, my degree is in jazz studies and my collection is HUGE and I use all FLAC and Lossless tracks. I listened to all cans with the same track same volume, made sure it was a tune I knew front and back so I picked "Nardis" off of the Bill Evans Trio record Explorations (1961) The 440's seemed to have too much bass and didn't seem to have enough airiness, seemed to be more "IN YOUR FACE" Moved on to the ATH-M45's first I must say these have an amazing build they feel SOLID. I had the same problem, they seemed to have a bump in the bass and mids. I changed it up a little and listened to some John Scofield and they sounded great, bass drum was kicking and snare was "punchy." These IMO would great for electric instrument jazz and rock. Now on to the KNS-6400 and 8400's. The 6400 and 8400 looked somewhat the similar.  I loved to cushions on the 8400's but again too much bass for me. Then the 6400's the same was what I was looking for highs are great for the high hats, mids let the piano and archtop guitars ring and sing and lows were not overpowering.  The bass on Bill Evans Trio records is extremely important since Bill is going all over the place with his chord voicings but didn't want it to be overpowering. These are super comfy and light weight, even though they stick out a little but hey small price to pay for sound. I love the fact that these cans are flat and with no boost in certain frequencies, I also feel these are very open, great sound stage. Needless to say I went ahead a picked up the 6400's I was there so long trying the phones that they forgot about me being there lol.  I would highly recommend these to anyone that is looking for a transparent, flat, and analytical set of phones.  I have not taken these off my ears since I bought them, I even ate dinner with them (GF) didn't like that very much... But I will be changing to the 8400's ear cushions...

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If your favorite is some flagship, I might not even notice; but when your favorite is ProDJ100 with M50 pads, I can't help wanting to learn more. So I very much appreciate tdockweiler's detailed reviews of some less well-known than they deserve to be headphones.


I've been reading opinions about the two KRKs (and might buy KNS8400 tomorrow as a closed over ear for classical). I know most agree that these sound different from the charts, but when I made a chart of KNS6400 and ProDJ100, I discovered similarities on paper between 95 Hz and 3.5 kHz. Whatever the charts are measuring, I think they're picking up something tdockweilerish :D.


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