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I ended up getting a pair of Creative Aurvana Live! headphones. From reviews online, they seem to be quite large, but small enough to easily move around and wear comfortably whilst using my laptop - I'm mostly going to be just sitting whilst listening to them and not moving about much, hence the need for something that folds up like the PX100, isn't all that important. Regarding the sound, from what I've read they seem to have a warm and spacious sound signature and being closed back, sound leakage should be minimal, which is perfect for my needs.


I was considering the Audio Technica ATH-ES55, which certainly looked cooler and more portable, but cost a fair bit more than the CAL! which probably sound better anyway.


Please tell me I made the right choice! Will post some impressions once I receive them.

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Just got the Creative Aurvana Live! and I must say, I'm hugely impressed and quite surprised considering the price. Straight out of the box they sound amazing, everything is pretty much spot on with no major peaks or troughs across the frequency range.


The bass response is deep and powerful, though a little undefined right now (which I'm hoping will tighten up with burn in), but it connects nicely with the mids and doesn't overwhelm the the sound as you'd expect given how prominent it is. There is a very slight midbass hump, but it's something I think will dissipate with burn in.


The midrange is suprisingly rich for a portable and portrays an almost speaker like presentation or at the very least, something you'd expect from a much larger headphone. It is very lush and quite warm, a lot like my HD650, with no odd colourations, i.e. very natural sounding and spacious (good soundstaging). Vocals especially sound sweet and don't have that "nasal" effect you get with some headphones. Very impressed!


Treble is decent, nothing amazing, but nothing wrong either. There's a good amount of treble quanitity and extension, without any discernible harshness - a soft but crisp presentation, quite pleasant sounding to my ears.


Overall I'm extremely happy with the sound quality and can safely say that I very much enjoy listening to these cans, even in the presence of much more expensive headphones. Plus it's nice being able to just sit back and listen to them comfortably on my portable player or laptop, without being weighed down by super long cables and a bulky amp.


Build wise, they're not the best looking (don't like the shiny plastic and chrome effect on the cups), but thankfully the design is quite sturdy and comfortable to wear (very light, adjustable and of circumaural design). They're not exactly super portable (don't fold or anything) but then again they're not exactly huge either, just about big enough to cover your ears fully. Perfect for my needs really, as stated in my opening post.


Highly recommened!





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