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Anyone here knows how to reduce the gain on BHA-1?  I'm not referring to the dip switches...  lol.

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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

Anyone here knows how to reduce the gain on BHA-1?  I'm not referring to the dip switches...  lol.

Two options, get Bryston to do it or add In-line attenuators from the source.

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Originally Posted by jaylevine View Post

Hi Rob,

What i love about the HD800 over the HE-500s is the level of detail and high-end articulation. ...........

As a long head-fier… embarrassingly I’ve as of yet to audition any of the offerings from HiFiman or Audeze, due to time and availability….will eventually I’m sure and my time with the HD800s was rewarding but found myself reaching more often than not for the HD700s to chill out to.

For overall musical entertainment I still turn to my Dynaudio Special 25s running off my Bryston gear, otherwise I would have most likely held onto the HD800s.

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Originally Posted by Rob80b View Post

Hi Jay

Not familiar with the HIFIMAN EF5, but looks like it’s tube based…the Bryston is a neutral low noise solid state amp just like your previous Bryston gear…so it shoots straight from the hip…no embellishments..just straight amplification so the true character of any headphone/source is clearly brought to light. So if you enjoy the true personality of the HD800s the BHA-1 will just show it as it is across the frequency spectrum, no enhanced bass or reduction or increase of highs or detail…just an even handed honest portrayal of what ever musical genre you throw at it.
Bottom line..if you were content with your previous speaker set-up “(I used to run all bryston BP26/DAC/4BSST2 two channel)” then the BHA-1 will do the same for your headphone listening.smile.gif

Well said. The HD800 sounds terrific with the Bryston.
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I haven't heard the HD800, as it seems too clinical for me, judging from multiple revs. I may likely do the 700.


I've spent a few hrs with my new HE-560, mostly on a WA6 with stock tubes and slow jazz vocals, and it sounds pretty good. Am looking forward to hearing it on my BHA-1. The 560, for anyone who is interested, has astounding staging and clarity, but isn't clinical like, say, a PS500 can be with some classical tracks.

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I have an opposite experience with HE-560. I had a chance to try HD 800 and HE560 on my BHA-1 and compare them to my balanced LCD-2 during one of the meets. I was surprised with the sound HE-560 delivers - no clarity and musicality whatsoever, if you compare them to HD800 and LCD-2.

I might consider HD800 over LCD-2, but IMO its not worth the hustle to switch from LCD-2.

HD800 is more dry, more airy, and very beautiful on percussion.

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Interesting. As always YMMV...

For me, 560 is just what I wanted. An LCD-2.2 at 60% the weight and not as dark. Staging/imaging is far superior with 560, with my system.

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560 is nothing like LCD-2 in my experience. The 560's highs are very bright and dominating, the bass is deeper but not so controlled. I can't say anything about stage, as I have hard time paying attention to it even in AC systems.

I have a suspicion that BHA-1 does not like phones with such signature. I was disappointed to feed ATH-3000ANV with it.

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Treble is not dominant on 560, to my ears. It's there, but it demands very high quality lossless to sound its best. That's on WA6 so far. Will try to listen on BHA-1 later this week.



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They guy who brought HD800 and HE-560 also fed them from WA6. HE-560 was fine in his rig, but still worse than HD-800 to my ears. Not so detailed. And when I brought 560 to my rig, i could not listen to half of my reference songs. Treble was just shouting.

The guy ended up selling HD800 and leaving HE-560, though. 

I wanted to find warmer and brighter phones to soften Bryston sound when I was shopping for phones, but apparently haven't found anything which could provide some warmth with keeping the details. So I went with "guaranteed choice" of LCD-2. I was not so satisfied in Audeze, until I had a chance to compare them to other phones on the meet. HD800 were the only ones which can match LCD-2 in my Bryston rig. I'm waiting to a next local meet to revisit those brighter phones as I am still looking for warmer sound with Bryston.

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I wouldn't make quick assessments with planars, especially at a meet. Too brief, imo.

Will try it on BHA-1 this pm.

The LCD-2.2 is a fine HP, no doubt about that. For large-scale classical pieces, however, it's not ideal. Too bass-centric.

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Anyone tried the HE-6 with the BHA-1?



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No, but the 560 sounds divine on BHA-1 (see my post in the 560 thread).



My reaction with 560 + BHA-1 SE:


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