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Because I have the free time:


Owner's Manual specs out at 6 Watts per channel into 32 ohms.

Which works out to:

14 Volts,  should be enough voltage to drive any high impedance 'phone

430 milliAmps

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Originally Posted by BlackstoneJD View Post

How does it sound?! lol

I recently got a chance to spend some time with the Bryston amp at a meet in North Carolina.  The following is a re-post of my impressions from another thread:



I spent a good portion of my time there hogging the Bryston amp and the T1 along with my own rev. 1 LCD-2 (enough to finish off Drew's IPad battery biggrin.gif) so i'll try to provide a brief impression.  All listening was done through balanced outputs only, I didn't try the single ended output and it was also my first time listening to the T1 so keep that in mind.  I very much enjoyed the Bryston and T1 together.  The combination of the air and spacious soundstage while retaining a Grado-like attack without overly fatiguing brightness is addicting.  The treble is super smooth without glossing over the details.  The bass extension with the T1 and the Bryston is far deeper than I would have expected, though somewhat dryer than the LCD-2.  


     I also tried the T1 with the Cary CAD 300 SEI tube amp ($5500) and the new Wadia 121 and ultimately preferred the Bryston (at least for my taste)  The Cary gave the T1 a very rich, full bodied sound but had a strange upper midrange glare with T1 at higher volume that I didn't experience with the Bryston.  To be fair though, I'm not sure how much of that "smoothness" was due to Perfecwave DAC ahead of the Bryston.  


     The real surprise came when I decided to hook up my balanced LCD-2 to the Bryston.  Compared to my Lyr, the Bryston seems to have just as much power reserve but is far smoother, cleaner, and transparent.  What really stood out to me was the iron grip bass control, impact, and even deeper extension.  I'm definitely putting the Bryston on order when I get my tax refund and maybe the T1 to either replace my LCD-2 or compliment it.  I also briefly tried the HD800 with the Bryston which was good, but didn't really keep me engaged like the other two.  The build quality of the Bryston is much nicer in person and the 20 year warranty is unmatched.  At $1295 right now, I honestly feel like this Bryston is one of the best values in headphone gear currently.  Special thanks to Moon Audio for bringing so much great gear to audition (11 total setups eek.gif)  



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JWahl, was it a balanced t1 or a single end? 

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Maxvla is correct, they were balanced.  I'd like to reiterate that I only briefly tried the HD800 with it. Maybe 5 minutes. It just didn't wow me right off the bat.  I hope to test the HD800 for longer with it and also the HD700 in the future before making my final decision on the T1.  I'm thinking the HD800 may be one of those 'phones that better shows it's qualities over extended listening.  Especially since the reason I wanted to try other flagships was to find a better soundstage that my LCD-2 lacks.  


I would imagine the Bryston has at least some synergy with the HD800 as they were using the HD800 to demo their amp at the at the Bristol Hifi show and that Sennheiser was sending their customers over to the Bryston demo to listen because they thought it sounded better than what they were using according to the Bryston rep on their forum.  I will say though, I didn't find the HD800 to be particularly too bright like alot of people say but a little lacking in bass in comparison to T1 and of course LCD-2.

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Oh boy, I didn't know that Bryston had the new Amp at the Montreal HI-FI show 2 weeks ago :(


Quote from their Facebook page: "Bryston BHA-1 consumer response:

I brought my Audeze LCD-2 headphones to the Montreal hi-fi show in hopes of finding a suitable amp for them. The headphone amp I currently own sounds really good but I have to push it at least to the 3 o'clock position on the volume knob to feel my music (I listen really loud). At the show, I tried several brands of headphone amp and they all sounded good, but not better than the amp I already own. Then, just out of curiosity, I decided to stop by the Bryston room. As a Canadian, Bryston has always been a proud and mythic brand for me. I didn't expect to find any headphone related products, but at the end of the room, past all the speakers set-ups, there was this table with two prototype BHA-1 headphone amplifiers (one black and one silver) along with Grado headphones. The silver one was set-up for balanced headphones. I tried the balanced set-up with my Audeze LCD-2 headphones, listening to all genres of music but mostly to electronica, trance, and others. I am looking for a strong, accurate and fast bass but not at the price of masking low midrange detail and with good high frequency extension. How was the Bryston sound? In one word—AMAZING! This is exactly the sound I was searching for. Smooth, detailed, sound with extraordinary deep, tight and accurate bass. Listening to some of Deadmau5 tracks with the Bryston, was literally sublime. I immediately fell in love with this beast. I never made it past the 12 o'clock position on the volume knob (with high gain). Even though the BHA-1 was a little more than I planned to spend at $1295, there is no way I am turning my back on this unit even at this price. Wow! I tried my best to convince Bryston’s James Tanner (a really kind man that seems down to earth) to sell me the prototype at the end of the show, but he could not. I told him it was approved by me! James introduced me to a Bryston dealer and in a minute we had an agreement and I will be the future owner of a Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp. I can't wait! I would like to sincerely thanks James Tanner for his patience and kindness (I think I shook his hand about ten times)! 
Steve L."
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Sennheiser usually demos their phones with the Lehmann Linear which is an $1,100 amp itself. If Sennheiser thinks the Bryston is better than the Lehmann, that is high praise. When my dealer gets this in stock I will be comparing it to the Linear myself. I think the Linear with the HD600 and HD800 is sublime so if the Bryston is better, that would be awesome.

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I'm very close to pull the trigger on this Amp for my LCD-3..  (I have exchanged a couple of emails with James Tanner today.)

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Anything you'd care to share with the class?
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They have all the parts for 90 units and they hope to start producing them in about 2 weeks. 


My initial plan was to wait for the Mjolnir but now I'm really tempted to purchase the new Bryston Amplifier.  Tough decision. confused.gif

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Do what I'm doing, get both. biggrin.gif
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 I plan to check the bryston amp out with my audeze phones at audio consultants in evanston when they set one up for auditioning.I wonder how the forthcoming schiit balanced amp will compare with the bryston? The price on that amp is projected to be 749.00 on the schiit website.But the bryston appears to be a more substantial amp at least from what I see of them and the schiit has only balanced outputs.That is one for the bryston which offers a single ended output.Looking forward to auditioning the bryston.

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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

Do what I'm doing, get both. biggrin.gif


I think my wife would kill me rolleyes.gif

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Anybody has the chance to listen to it with HE-6?

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Originally Posted by drubrew View Post

They have no problem driving the HE-6 as I found out at CanFest in Charlotte this wknd. Great great amp....


Originally Posted by drubrew View Post

Just an FYI. Did a little listening to the BHA-1 with HifiMan HE-6. Using the RCA inputs the volume control was at about 3 o'clock at comfortable listening volume depending on track volume from my server. With Balanced inputs about 1 to 1:30 position on the volume control. Both with gain switch in max position. With the RSA DarkStar the volume control was at about 11:30. A couple of pics for you:


Bryston-PSAudio2.jpg Bryston-PSAudio3.jpg


Originally Posted by xanlamin View Post

Anybody has the chance to listen to it with HE-6?


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