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Originally Posted by KneelJung View Post

If Judge Judy heard this case she'd be like...




Bill...WTF is wrong with you?


Oh god lol.


But seriously,  the fact this is still going on is ridiculous.  Bill saw the thread, he refunded a few people, and then he's gone again??


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I hear the sirens. Looks Like the Law is comingL3000.gif

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"Head-Fi wants me,

Lord I can't go back there

Head-Fi wants me,

Lord I can't go back there"

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deadhorse.gifRuff ruff

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Sigh yet another week without my phones.

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he said he was a teacher, maybe the fla board of education?


http://www.fldoe.org/edcert/public_results.asp?style=print - business education? oh hell!




Originally Posted by Nightslayer View Post

If you have read through the pages as you said, you'll notice that many of those discussed actions have already been tried, either that or the suggestions are shot down due to unfeasibility. Which is serious discussion, contrary to what you might believe. If you have a better suggestion which is actually implementable, out with it already! We're all ears, for lack of anything better to try. Why wish us all the best, criticise us and needlessly prolong this "talk[, n]o action" which you just criticized?



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Maybe a threat of losing his caraeer over some headphones might get him to the post office?

Originally Posted by Nightslayer View Post

which wouldn't bear much pertinence to the issue on hand :/


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Still no answear for those who left?

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Originally Posted by schwallman View Post

Maybe a threat of losing his caraeer over some headphones might get him to the post office?


well, school on our side of the country is starting in a couple weeks...maybe he'll be present for class that day


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Hi Xaval,

You can add me as well....

$60 for Cocobolo cups on 5/14/11.

Said he would be able to ship the next Monday. Did reply to some PMs but nothing recent.

I remain hopeful...maybe foolishly.
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Hello atwoodt, sorry to hear that you are in this ship too.




The List:


1. Saintkeat - Zebrawood modified cups - 17/04/2011 - $50 sent  post #555

2. Ubitwarr- Has my SR-225i's and is adding Aluminum Cups and Wood inners. Also adding a silver cable [edit: sent $170] - 4/24/11

3. sml1226 - Original: Inners and Replacements for broken cocobolo shells. Updated deal (6/14/11): swap for single piece lathed version - 2/24/11 - $30 sent post #559

4. chrislangley4253 - paid for some dynamat (eventually got it elsewhere) - $3  sent

5. Xaval. Sent Bilavideo 200USD on Jan, 31st by Paypal for a set of custom cans - Issue solved on July, 1st

6. Oberg - Oak cups - 08/04/2011 - $60

7. Radio-Head - Sent his SR-225 - (status: Bill sent the SR225 back, but no woodies on July, 2nd

8. mihirwadia - has my SR225i for wood cups and recable. Also paid $80.

9. wje - SR-325 wooden liners that Bilavideo was going to send me; and, then eventually after a few PMs, he felt bad for the delay and offered to send me some new cups to - but, wanted me to pick a color. $10 for shipping now pending donation for charity - 28/3/11 issue solved on July 27 post #553

10. unchain - SR80i cups, both inner and outer, dynamat, etc. Bill has my SR-80i ($100 value). $60 on 3/18/2011 for cups and $25 on 4/8/2011 for cups/headphone help respectively. $185 total.

11. Hennyo - I sent Bill the following and have reciepts for all. 125$ sent, Grado SR 60i's, stock pads and Bowl pads, and Sennheiser HD 650 Box. For:  5ft recable, Cocobolo GS1k cups and return shipping. No recable, but sent cables in separate box Issue solved on July, 14

12. BobSaysHi, sent $10 for shipping on cups

13. drhoooon, sent $230 on 15/1/2011

14. WobblyGoblin, sent sr60i as payment for shells + 2 x Beyerdynamic pads for an attempt at a circumaural headphones on 22/2/2011 

15. Kevin Brown, sent a pair of MS2i on April 6 for a recable sorted on July 20th

16. JamesMcprogger, paid 80$ for a set of cocobolo cups on Apr 19, 2011. Recieved on July 6th, 2011.  post #377

16. NiceCans sent $15 in January for some cups

17. Donnyhifi, sent 50$ for SR325 Wooden liners on 30/04/2011, screen mesh and some dynamat no date given

18. atwoodt, ordered and paid for cocobolo cups on 14th june, 2011: $60


Total cash in the wild: $763

Equipment pending return: 2x SR225i | 1 x SR80i | 1x SR60i | 1 x Beyer Pads 1x MS2i | 1x SR225 | 1x SR60 with bowls | HD 650 box (I don't dare to put a market value on them since condition of cans is unknown)


Log: added atwoodt in number 18.


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Looks like his wife/sister might work there too in the second grade.  From my experience, when a man is not willing to do the right thing, you can often appeal to his better half who will convince/smack him into doing it.  


Edit: PM for contact info


I would bet that if she knew that there was a large thread with people lambasting her husband's ethics, she would turn him right round.  I know this is not so cool, but it seems like last resort time for some of you.

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what happened to my post?

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Must have been deleted by a mod.  Means mine will be deleted in a minute too.  Edited my post to preempt such an occurrence.

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its public information. funny how that last thread went on for about a year without moderation.

Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

Must have been deleted by a mod.  Means mine will be deleted in a minute too.  


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