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I've posted the following over in the SR-60 Mod thread:




Bill, while it's good to see that you're up and moving again.  However, I feel that some sort of triage needs to be established to prioritize some of the "outstanding" items that are owed many customers who were interested in your products and / or services.


  • If people have requested refunds via PayPal, kindly refund them their money.
  • If you are holding headphones that you planned on modifying for other members here, you should contact them and let them decide on the course of action.  I'm sure some may just want their items shipped back and their money refunded.
  • For those that are waiting on cups and don't mind the wait - then you can work that out with them.


There have been people who have sent you money as early as January - yet, still don't have any goods.  There are others who were provided tracking numbers that did exist, but the product was never shipped.  There are people who have also been waiting on cups since march - long before your 2 or 3 lathe failures, your twisted leg incident and your most recent back issue.


Trust me, I wouldn't wish the potential pain that your body has experienced on anyone.  However, disappearing and then popping back in does have its effects on one's credibility.  I do hope that you can take care of those individuals so your slate is clean before your next unfortunate incident happens (I'm just speculating ... based on your track record).


Finally, if the humor that I've posted in the other thread offends you in any way, please do accept my apologies.   I was just trying to lighten the mood around here.  Lots of people were feeling pretty down and frustrated - they felt cheated.  For some people, $50 is easy to come by, but for others that isn't always the case.


I'm looking forward to - and expecting lots of positive outcomes; hopefully, sooner rather than later.


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Thank goodness the drugs are wearing off and you can type again. Just in time!
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Hey guys, I'm back.  This is my first day off the meds.  I've been bombed out of my mind since screwing up my back.  I posted more about it on the SR60 Mod forum.  Bottom line.  I'm back to work on this and am going through about 33 messages left on my message box.  Sorry for the gap.  I will be in contact.



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I received a subscription notification of bilavideo posting which brought me here. Even though he is back I'll post what I spent and for what


$80 for dynamat, aluminum gimbals, and cocobolo shells for partially liberated drivers that would require desoldering. Sent him money around the 12th of May via USPS money order

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-cough- this all sounds too familiar.. I will believe it when I see it. I really do hope everything turns out right though, for bilavideo and everyone else. 

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BossBorot please add that information to the list we created a few pages back.


I suggest we continue keeping the list running as a point of reference for Bill to make good on his promises.


I received a pm from him today that my cups would be in the mail tmr. I'll know in 7 days from tmr.

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Add me to the list. I have paid $260.- altogether for cocobolo and rosewood shells as well as inner liners. Waiting for shipment since February. I asked for a refund. Let's wait and see what happens.

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Originally Posted by Saintkeat View Post

I received a pm from him today that my cups would be in the mail tmr. I'll know in 7 days from tmr.

Keat, That's just sad.  I sent you those gimbal rod locks, what 2 months ago?  You expected your cups to arrive around that time, too.  


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Oh wells... I've just always wanted a pair of decent cups. And I'm patient and forgiving, though if he doesn't make good on this promise, I'll give up on being nice.

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Originally Posted by chrislangley4253 View Post

3 dollars :)


With a new comp on it's way, it could turn out quite a bit of cash :)



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Ok, Bill is back and willing.


To be fair on this whole thing, I just want to update this thread as it progresses... backwards.

I got what I asked for which was a refund. During this 6 month period the USD has really dived nose down vs the mighty Euro and this Fx experience cost me a bit of money. Bill was on the level and compensated my loss at his own cost. Mighty decent in spite of the circumstances imo.


Thank you Bill.


1. Saintkeat - Zebrawood modified cups - 17/04/2011 - $50 sent

2. Ubitwarr- Has my SR-225i's and is adding Aluminum Cups and Wood inners. Also adding a silver cable [edit: sent $170] - 4/24/11

3. sml1226 - Original: Inners and Replacements for broken cocobolo shells. Updated deal (6/14/11): swap for single piece lathed version - 2/24/11 - $30 sent

4. chrislangley4253 - paid for some dynamat (eventually got it elsewhere)

5. Xaval. Sent Bilavideo 200USD on Jan, 31st by Paypal for a set of custom cans - Issue solved on July, 1st

6. Oberg - Oak cups - 08/04/2011 - $60

7. Radio-Head - Sent his SR-225 - (status: Unknown)

8. mihirwadia - has my SR225i for wood cups and recable. Also paid $80.

9. wje - SR-325 wooden liners that Bilavideo was going to send me; and, then eventually after a few PMs, he felt bad for the delay and offered to send me some new cups to - but, wanted me to pick a color - 28/3/11

10. unchain - SR80i cups, both inner and outer, dynamat, etc. Bill has my SR-80i ($100 value). $60 on 3/18/2011 for cups and $25 on 4/8/2011 for cups/headphone help respectively. $185 total.

11. Hennyo - I sent Bill the following and have reciepts for all. 125$ sent, Grado SR 60i's, stock pads and Bowl pads, and Sennheiser HD 650 Box. For:  5ft recable, Cocobolo GS1k cups and return shipping.

12. wje, sent $10 for postage of shells (trial purposes)


Total cash in the wild: $610

Equipment pending return: 2x SR225i | 1x SR225 | 1 x SR80 (I don't dare to put a market value on them since condition of cans is unknown)


Now, as some of you might just keep on going with Bill, the above on the list should post here if that's what they want to do to be eliminated from said list. Likewise, if you get your stuff or cash returned, please post as well.

We need to close this thread :)


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the thread will close once all debts are cleared.


Xaval glad to see you had a happy ending. I hope the rest would too..

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Originally Posted by Saintkeat View Post

the thread will close once all debts are cleared.


Xaval glad to see you had a happy ending. I hope the rest would too..

Yes, but we need the interested parties to post here they're status as the situation (hopefully) evolves in the right direction.


I was angry. I am now emotionaly neutral - I need this kind of balance as that's where it feels right.



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Originally Posted by kongmw View Post

Exactly, the messed up one wasn't even uploaded by Bila himself. 


On the other hand though, at least I found it really helpful through watching Bila's youtube videos before getting started on my own cans as a total noob. Sure I didn't feel comfortable taking it to my drivers with a knife and a mallet, but I did gain a bit more confidence in doing this after having watched him.

Same here. I'm also one of the many who received their goods from Bila, and have been enjoying the gifts ever since. My shells have held up quite well for two months and aesthically they make my grados look fairly badass. Now these recent events cloud his ability as a modder but don't anyone start to think that Mr. Bill wasn't a talented individual. He just needs to step up to the plate. The sets of cans from people that are actually missing is the most distressing portion of this ordeal. I'd be enraged if my precious pair of cans were kidnapped. Hopefully justice is wrought soon enough


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