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Bilavideo Cups Pending List  

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Thread rules: Add your username and what Bilavideo owes you including the date you paid him to the list. If and when you receive anything from him, do update the list.


This thread is to keep track of how many people are out there who've made purchases from Bilavideo, and if anyone is receiving anything at all from him. It could serve to reinstate his good name, or discredit him depending on what happens over the next few weeks.


I'll start the list off.


1. Saintkeat - Zebrawood modified cups - 17/04/2011

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2.Ubitwarr- Has my SR-225i's and is adding Aluminum Cups and Wood inners. Also adding a silver cable - 4/24/11

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3. sml1226 - Original: Inners and Replacements for broken cocobolo shells. Updated deal (6/14/11): swap for single piece lathed version - 2/24/11 - $30 sent
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4. chrislangley4253 - paid for some dynamat (eventually got it elsewhere). I was told he would give me cable and some cups. (for free, how nice!) I have since been able to pick up a spare job or two and have found some people that gave me a good deal on both and they were very nice, so once again.. already took care of it.

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*shakes head*


I hate seeing this, but I'm glad people maybe will have a chance to get what they have coming to them. I could have all the forgiveness in the world for the guy for biting off more than he can chew, if he would just send their stuff back.. But, the fact that he still has people's stuff... and isn't doing anything is just appalling. I could never leave people hanging like this. 

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Just wondering, why don't you guys post negative feedback on his feedback page? Just checked his feedback page and it's all positive.

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Originally Posted by blur510 View Post

Just wondering, why don't you guys post negative feedback on his feedback page? Just checked his feedback page and it's all positive.

they want to give him a chance (last one..most probably) before marking him permanently as a scammer/fraud

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You can change feedback after you've given it. A hopefully temporary wake-up call/warning sign might be good.

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5. Xaval. Sent Bilavideo 200USD on Jan, 31st by Paypal for a set of custom cans that he actually proposed making in the first place as he contacted me by PM first.

I have a huge PM thread with all the info plainly stated of how this went.


I've asked for a refund with no reply, as I'm pretty sure after 6 months nothing is coming to my doorstep and totally lost interest on the item - I'm angry though.


How do you post feedback on something that wasn't in the For Sale section?


You guys should really post how much cash you sent as Bilavideo offers a wide menu.

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I guess I'll post my price too... actually, I'll edit my first post and babble on about other things here. Bill has shells listed as an item he's selling (along with other things that were sold/bought long ago) so use that as the item you're giving feedback on if you want to leave negative feedback.
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told me a few times he placed dynamat in the male for me. The principal of the matter is all that matters really.

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Originally Posted by schwallman View Post

Call him!


Attorney: William L. Kilpatrick II
Firm: William L. Kilpatrick, II
Address: 1862 S Crystal Lake Dr
  Lakeland, Florida  33801-6529
Phone: (941) 667-3838


Thanks to Schwallman, if we have enough people, we can consider taking a combined legal action against him to get our money back. But I'll give it another month from the start of this thread before we do something that drastic.

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Not sure what to make of this thread. I think Bill's one of the best posters on this forum. I paid him a while back to mod my MS-1i but changed my mind. I PMed him about a partial refund to reimburse for his time. It took a few weeks to resolve as he hadn't posted for a while, but he did refund the full amount. He was very accommodating, and wouldn't accept payment for time wasted. I hope these issues are resolved as well as mine.

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Olor1n, believe me, we are all (personally, extremely) disappointed at all the recent developments.


Bill has posted orders (some with less than stellar quality, but that's not the issue here) and have kept alive the SR-60 thread and inspired a lot of people here to just dive into the modding of these Grados. The honey moon is over though, and it's time to settle matters.

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I'm surprised that we're the only few who are waiting for Bila's products.

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