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Cancelled for lack of interest.

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I'm itching to hear some balanced and higher end DACs to learn what I'm missing. Anyone care to show your solution for digital sources? Timing will be up for discussion until a consensus is found.

I will see what we can come up with and then perhaps a company or two will allow a loaner for exposure if we ask nicely. My thought was to limit the amps for cycling the DACs. If a full meet comes out of this, so much the better.

What say you head fiers?
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David, just tell me the time and place and I will be there if I have no prior obligations. Its far from high-end, but I got my hands on a Musical Fidelity M1DAC which offers balanced output. I would be happy to share it for the sake of comparison. I would also love to have the opportunity to hear your HE-6's.



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im also down, as always HC. havent got anything new though...my monies have been put into other things lately

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Well, I did ask Jkeny for a loaner but he couldn't afford to. rolleyes.gif

I would like to hear his USB/I2S DAC. There are many positive users of his battery powered converters and I've always thought the USB receiver should be part of the DAC input. Conversion to I2S and directly into the DAC chip cuts out a few steps so should be the most pristine way to convert computer audio.
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I can bring my Isabellina with the new pro/dac upgrade. Single ended but awesome. Louisville would be good for me.

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Subscribing, just because I live in the area (Oxford, OH)  tongue.gif

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OK, it's been a month and little interest for this. I'll leave the thread up a while longer and I wouldn't care if someone else wants to run with sponsoring a meet. Perhaps a change in leadership will bring in more interest.
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I'm in for a meet.

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Any bid on Dayton? Indy? Cinci? Columbus?

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Hey Now,


I could go for Louisville, then Cincy or Indy. I have a balanced Ref5 -> Roc I could bring.



Finest kind,


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I could go for Louisville, or Cinnci 


I have Rega DAC, Anedio DAC,


Burson HA-160, Mapletree Audio-Ear+Purist-150, and Little Dot III for amps


Cambridge Audio 740C and 850C for CD sources

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Well, looks like Cincy would be the middle point.


For the college gang, how much time does it take to settle in?

I'm thinking the end of Sept./beginning of Oct. Saturday or Sunday is fine with me but I'll let you all decide. I'd rather miss college football vs pro but I'm easy.

For those who have come to a meet I've set up knows I use a hospital to accomodate the group. If you guys would rather us get a room at a hotel, I could start looking and we can split the cost. I'd love to host one at my house but my wife has turned it into a dog kennel.

Any other ideas are welcome.
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Hey Now,


The last meet at the hospital was fine. I would go for a Saturday. Thanks for doing this again. Looking forward to it.



Finest kind,


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I was hoping the guys from Dayton would bring their new DACs in. Duke, Larry and Tom have some of the better new DACs. I know they are busy though so we'll see how it plays out.
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id love to come, but i just got put into honor guard so i wont know my schedule for whatever weekend you guys pick till that friday afternoon, but if im off, ill be there!

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