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Help me decide

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So I've been constantly looking for nice headphones or earphones that I could buy locally and have been running into some trouble. I've narrowed it down to two options (for now..).


Before giving me suggestions and such, I'd like to explain that I look for in audio equipment that cost more lots of $$.

I generally listen to dubstep, electronic, hip hop, rap, pop, and rock.

I look for comfortability, durability, sound quality doesn't have to be up to par with hardcore audio fanatics since I can use the EQ settings on my ipod classic.


Now that you know my preferences, here are the two options: a used audio technica ws70 and a brand new klipsch s4 (I know this is for full sized headphones, but since the s4 seems to be widely known, it's probably appropriate to post this question here).


So please give me your opinion on which one to get. And on the side, what are some other suggestions that match my wants as well as the cost being under $100-$150.



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Id take headphones over IEMs for sound any day but I haven't tried those headphones so I can't say for sure.


I have the s4's, they are really bass heavy but sibilance is also a small issue for me.


How about the m50's or a700's? M50's are great and probably too overrecommended here (closed. The a700's have great soundstage, good for gaming but if you like bass, these aren't really for you.


I'm assuming choices are limited since you said you wanted to buy locally. All I can get over here are some sony's, bose, shures or beats. Maybe if I go to some other stores i might find some sennheisers.


I did a quick head fi search and I think you'll like the  ws70's considering your music preference. The m-50's have ok bass but its not exaggerated or anything.

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The reason I want people's opinions is because there are mixed reviews about both. At this point, both choices have equally the same number or pros and cons. the WS70 has the bass, durability, comfort are a little stretching and bending and yet people say the after burn makes them muddy while the S4 has the nice in ear bud inactive isolation, not as much bass but just enough, a lot of praise and yet they have pretty bad wire noise which i hate and durability is probably not that great at all.


Anyone else want to tip me over a smudge in either direction?

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I think the WS70 sounds like a better fit for your criteria. Plus it's been used, so that should make it comfy...?

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