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Due to the recent mind-wrecking obsession with GLaDOS (mind you, not Portal. GLaDOS.) and cake, I just had a flash-idea of engraving "GLaDOS" on my WM-D6C.

Here's a couple of thing to know:


1. The metal is aluminum alloy, painted black. Having coming into contact with many anodized pieces, I speak (type) with certainty that this is not black anodized aluminum.

2. The paint and the underlying metal can come off by using a metal file.

3. As tools, I have a couple of telescopic knives and a sharpened flat-beak screwdriver.

4. I have previous experience engraving on anodized aluminum by using a sewing needle.


it doesn't have to look professional, the machine is older than I am and in even worse shape, visually. I just don't want to slip my hand and have a huge streak over the metal.


Thank you very much. I shall provide a picture of the completed work if you wish to see it.