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Cans for the office...not too much isolation.

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Need some opinions on some cans for the office.


My office (not a cubicle) is fairly noise isolated.  The  only time I hear my office neighbors is when they are talking to someone at moderate voice levels...so noise transmission between offices isn't a real nuisance.  What is a nuisance though is when I've tried my DT770s, Turbines, and PRO700s at work, they all isolate noise too much to the point that I miss phone calls because I can't hear the phone ring.  I'm also worried that I might miss important announcements over the PA system.  So this has me leaning towards picking up a set of open cans for the office.


I have no experience with open cans, and am wondering if they are open enough for me to hear the phone but not too open that they sound like a boom box to my office neighbors?  I'm a bass head and have been very happy with my DT770s.  I'm considering picking up the DT990s as I've read where people say they have a similar sound signature to the DT770s (not so much with the DT880s).


What do you guys think?  Will open cans be too open?



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With open style headphones sound leakage should not be much of a problem, as long as you're listening at a reasonable volume.  The DT990 from what I've read, have a open, much airier sound signature in comparison to the DT770.  While the bass may(I emphasize may as I don't have personal experience) not hit as hard the DT770, it is certain quite punchy.  Here are some additional suggestions for ya:


AKG K240MKII-they are quite bassy believe it not, though not quite at the DT770 level


Ultrasone HFi-2400, PRO2900-both bass monsters and probably the most ideal choice for you

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I know exactly what you mean.


I have the DT770 Pro's and they do isolate very well. I can't hear my phone. I always have to put it to vibrate and keep it on me some where or I'll miss everything on it. That said, when I'm listening to loud music or watching something while wearing my open air Sennheiser HD580's, I can hear my phone when it rings.


So grab yourself some open-air cans. You'll hear the phone. You may not hear the overhead on your PA system clearly but you'll at least know it's in use and maybe snatch the headphones down so you can hear what the announcement is.


DT880's are more linear, great set of cans, because they `do it all'. But the DT990's are more bassy. You'll no doubt love them. They may not have the same impact as the DT770's, simply because going from closed back to open back, the air can't be forced into your ear the same way and give you that thump. But the bass will be good and low. You'll need an amp though, as the 600ohm version has the best bass of the 990 series. Alternatively, the HD600/650 are also excellent for this.


Very best,

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