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AKG K240DF vs K271 vs DT48e

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I 've lived with AKG k240S, K501,Sens HD600, DT440 Beyer and others but i only kept K501 and DT440.

I am more into speakers , i own Harbeth SHL5 and ESL 988, so i am the 'midrage' guy who wants a 'flat' but also musical sound , as i only need the bass to follow in music.

I broke the k501 and i am looking for a new pair , i have an intrest in to Beyer DT100 , as  i think it would be close to k501 but closed (i hope i doesn't bother) but after so much searching i haven;t find much about it and i can't listen to them, i think DT150 would be bassy for me as K240S.

Does anybody owns them ? Are they like K501 ? maybe K240DF ?

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Hmm ..it seems that no one  knows anything ...

Any info about their sound signature ?


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Ok, since there's no answer , forget the previews posts.

I m towards these as i look for the best, "BBC" like mindrage.

Any opinions ?

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Just go for the K-1000 : )

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congrats !!

how do you find them so far ?

Any info about the phones above also ?

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Ooops !!! Sorry :/

i thought you said you just bought them :)

You really think are better to DT48 ?

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I have the DT48 and K271. Neither are what I'd call "musical." For that I use a K240 Sextett (not Studio.)

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Musical !! A terme that'so subjective !!

I call musical what gets the notes good , they start and end at the right time. "Timing" !!

Anyway , it's out of topic,articulation is something that adds to musicality i think , make you feel harmonics , especially vocals !

This is what i am looking for.

If something has to much colourations , or thickness , then soon or later , musicality  will stop.

And i don't care about 15Khz , or in adition about 30Hz too.

Ishcabible, thank you :)

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Originally Posted by pire View Post

Ooops !!! Sorry :/

i thought you said you just bought them :)

You relly think are better to DT48 ?

The DT-48 have a great mids, as well the fostex T-20v2. But better to go with the K-1000.


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someone correct me if i'm wrong:


if your phones won't end a note if it has ended on the record, there's something seriously wrong.

(if your speakers do the same, this might be a serious flaw with your room)



what hinders you to go for the k501 again?

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if you want something close to speaker list presentation the akg 240DF's will be it i think. they have akg's known magical accurate mids but bass will seem very light to most but has great punch and takes eq gracefully. i don't know your budget. if unlimited yea the k-1000's be top choice but if lucky you can find them used for 800-1000 for a pair. akg 240DF can have for anywhere between 50-150 bucks depending on condition and the seller is willing to part with them for. another gem from akg that i have is their akg 240 sextetts LP. as accurate as the DF's but tad bit more bass ''presence'' but not as open as akg 240DF's soundstage. but to be honest if i had to choose one. i be happy with either.

the sextetts LP and DF's need lot of power(akg recommends 11v for the df's and older models to reach 200mw SPL) and with the right power they have one of the best dynamics and almost binaural type soundstage that is amazing and are very detailed headphones as well. perfect for studio use but not highly recommended for most audiophiles due to lack of specific colorations and signatures they tend to like but highly recommended for accurate sound and professional use.
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i was trying to say about timing, need to say many things about that , but my limited English would not help.

I want new cans , and k501 it's not something i can find, also as much as i like them they had flaws , like peak lower trebles !!!


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that's what i thought .. 240DF!

But can;t find them new , can you compaire them to K271-272 ??

Any info about them ??

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The DT 48 has a superb midrange with excellent tonality, and is very detailed and precise in timing, no blurring. The bass has little impact and does not extend low, but it is super tight, low distortion, and flat until the rolloff happens at 65 hz. The highs can be a tad bright with some newer recordings, but somehow it is not fatiguing. This headphone has no musicality unless the recording sounds musical and engaging, then it becomes very musical. They are brutally recording dependent, they sound really bad or amazingly good depending on the recording. The DT48 needs very focused listening skills, they are not for casual music enjoyment. They are the epitome of a studio monitor. If you get them, give them a good chance because they take lots of time to appreciate. It is expected you will not like them at first. But once you go DT48, you never go back.   

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that sounds like my ESL 988 !!! Excellent at some points as the DT48 , limited dynamics though ..

Nice and helpful description :)


I wish i could have a despcription like this about k271.


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