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DAC/AMP for HD600 "and" D2000

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My current set up is USB -> Travagans White + Black PSU to a pair of sr325i

I have owned this setup for approximately 1 year now
the system overall pretty good although i am planning to get HD600 and D2000 in the near future.... just wondering if their are DAC/AMP combo that would drive the two headphones fine
I have read quite a few reviews, threads I understand 
the large differences in their impedance (300 ohm, 25 ohm) but quite a lot of people say d2000 are quite easy to drive so i think the main concern is about the HD600. and while driving hd600s full (maybe 70%-80%) potential at same time matches the d2000 as well. 
my budget is around the $500 mark can go 
my main source are directly from PC and sometime use them on a laptop at work so USB is quite important to me 
i mainly listen to jazz blue vocals 50% rock/metal 30% 
i saw good feedbacks on audio-gd fun, yulong D100, e7+e9, pico, V3/V8 or the new M1, is it worth the extra cost? got a bit confused of the options just want to know others opinions
ps. family got a old nad amp and 2 bookshelf speakers setup and they are planning to upgrade to 5.1 or 7.1 can i use them along with the dac to output sound from the computer?
thanks alot
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anyone with experiences on either 1 setups. to share ur feedback would be great



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I've used the HD600s (plus HD650s and LCD-2s, funnily enough, D2Ks tomorrow - I'll let you know) with the NuForce HDP. It is seriously good value for money, and will drive those cans easily. The dac is very, very good too.


FWIW, I've also auditioned/AB compared Burson 160D, Matrix Mini-I + M-Stage and Rega DAC, and I'm probably going to keep just the HDP.

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Digging out an old thread. I am in the same situation as OP. See signature for the cans that are required to be driven. What would be a decent 200~300 upgrade on my E7/9?


Or would it be sufficient in the given price bracket?

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I duble this :)

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