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How can I burn flac files to CD in Ubuntu?

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I see that Linux audio has not gotten much more user-friendly than I remember it being a few years ago. I just tried to burn my Steely Dan .flac files to CD and I can't figure out how. The Ubuntu default Brasero application says that the files are not valid...I take it Brasero can't burn flac.


I know I can transcode them all to wav files and use mkisofs and then cdrecord to do it the hard way, but I have a lot of CDs to burn here.


Is there a drag-and-drop program for Linux that will burn flac files to CD?

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try nero 4 linux







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I installed nerolinux and it doesn't seem to recognize my flac files either.

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search google


burn flac to CD in Ubuntu

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write a script

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I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS /64bit. Did you open Brasero and select "Audio Project"? I just did it and dragged a full CDs worth of flac files from the Nautilus file manager onto the Brasero window with no problem. I imagine they would burn just fine if I was of a mind to make a CD.


Edit: if your flac files aren't being recognized properly, you might want to double check that "flac" is properly installed in your version of Ubuntu. Open Synaptic Package Manager and search for "flac". I believe it's installed by default, but it doesn't hurt to double check.

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I use GNOMEBAKER. As far as I remember it works fine.( it should be in your existing Install Software section.)

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Flac is installed fine. I never wrote a script because I'm not good at it, but it works to do


flac -d ./*.flac


then do


cdrecord -v -pad speed=1 dev=0,0,0 -dao -audio-swab ./*.wav


and then do


rm ./*.wav


Is there any chance someone could glue these together with a bash script? I tried as follows but it wasn't working. I think it skips to the burning part before the files are converted to wav. Am I supposed to use the semicolons?


#! /bin/bash


read -p "This script writes all flac files in this directory to an audio CD. Other files may interfere or be deleted! Insert a blank CD and press enter"


flac -d ./*.flac;


cdrecord -v -pad speed=1 dev=0,0,0 -dao -audio-swab ./*.wav;


rm ./*.wav







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Like Rizlaw, I have no problems with this.  On Arch, Brasero>New audio project recognises flacs as audio files and happily adds them to the list for burning. Maybe there's something odd about your flac files - have you tried with a different set?

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install win xp


and keep ubantu


then burn

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Originally Posted by tom2011 View Post

search google


burn flac to CD in Ubuntu


I did, and it brought me here. ;-)

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I get the same problem.

I'm running Xubuntu 10.10 64bit.

I checked that flac was installed which it wasn't, so I did and I still get

".flac" is not suitable for audio or video media."

Just doing a "sudo apt-get build-dep flac" now.

It might fix it.

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Oops did not read title properly hehe

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Trivial drag and drop or select flacs in file selector and burn with auto conversion in K3B




in Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic

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