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Found cool vintage phones but they need repair...Anyone able to help a newb?

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So I found these headphones at a good will…
They have a awesome factor that I love to death.
1. They seem to block out all noise even when your not listening to music.
2. I think they look really cool and retro.

The left ear sounds fine… but the right ear is no good.

I really want to fix them up….

Two ideas come fourth

1. Repairing them with whats inside the phones
2. Repairing them by somehow putting in new drivers or whatever makes the best sound.

Any who…anyone got suggestions.

Any DIY fix old headphone guides would be great.

Thanks so much!

Pictures of the headphones are here:



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buy some sfi drivers from boilermakerfan. all you should need is hot glue , dremel , soldering iron , read the ortho thread , hope for the best.

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well, you gotta make sure the drivers will fit, but those look huge anyways. pretty sweet too! (maybe a new coat of paint? lol) pull em open and see how / where the drivers attach to as well. good luck!


PS: the wire could be bad too, check that before any major mods!

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Well they play pretty decently in one ear

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Originally Posted by Teejaay View Post

buy some sfi drivers from boilermakerfan. all you should need is hot glue , dremel , soldering iron , read the ortho thread , hope for the best.

I'm curious as how to I'd open the cups to see the insides on this models....as well.
Hmmm... can you detail the steps with more details

Whats bolilermarkerfan? Is it a online store?

Whats the Ortho Thread? I did a search and found a lot of threads?


I'm a huge music love and love Sound, but I'm not into technical audiophille terms or electronics terms even.

But, I plan to be...I just need some help with baby steps along the way.

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bypass the voume pot. I've had so many old pots fail on me

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I'm really confused by most of the terms used...could anyone simply these in laymens terms?

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The ear pads probably just pull off and there may be small screws underneath to remove which will allow the drivers to be removed. I have an older pair of similar ones and that's the case for them. A volume pot is short for potentiometer which is much better known as a volume knob. Ortho is short for orthodynamic which is a style of headphone driver. If you hang around long enough you'll get the hang of all the lingo.

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I definitely want to stick around. I've heard this place is amazing for any sound lovers. As I'm a music lover I hope to become a audiophile.  L3000.gif

Thanks for clearing some of the lingo up. Any other newb advice would be awesome too.


e.g. what the ortho thread is

what is "sfi drivers from boilermakerfan"?


Or like good guides to read for a newb getting started with his first project.


I'm a old-time member in so many communities that I know it takes patience teaching a new dog tricks. But, it's worth it to get valuable new members.


Thanks so much

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SFI drivers might not be that commonly avaiable any more. Plus, the ortho drivers really prefer to be driven by a very powerful amp.


There are many other options, like drivers from Koss Sporta-Pro and KSC55 (not 75).

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It still feels like I'm reading latin...which I can't read either.


Any simpleton advice out there?

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No one is going to spoon-feed you man.  You need to do some research on these terms and learn on your own!  That's the best way to get informed.  No one is here to powder your bottom.

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I definitely understand some of what people are saying now that it's had time to simmer in my thoughts.
I've organized this into steps. Nevertheless, I'm missing pieces of the puzzle to really understand everything.
So this is my own temp guide to fixing these. Can someone make corrections to things that are wrong or the things I'm confused about.

1. The cups can be taken off as such: The ear pads probably just pull off and their may be small screws underneath.

What I confused about: How do you "pull them off" without literally cracking the cup if the screws are on the inside? How do you get to the screws

2. The cups will have a driver on the inside.

They probably are older ortho Drivers

3. If the driver is broken. You need to buy a new one.

Your options are

a. Ortho drivers (That need a powerful amp)

What I confused about: When they say ortho drivers need a powerful amp. Are they referring to an amp that's built into the phones? Alternatively, would I just need like a good portable headphone amp.

I have the Fiio E1would that work?

b. Buy SFI Drivers from the user boilermakerfan

According to his post here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/111193/orthodynamic-roundup/17535#post_7559457

He has 32Rs and one pair of 120Rs left.

What I confused about: What is the difference between these models? Size I'm assuming, but what is each size?

c. Drivers from Koss Sporta-Pro and KSC55 (not 75).

What I confused about: What driver will provide the best sound experience? That's all I care about.

5. When connecting things back together.

a. Bypass the Volume Pots or potentiometer. Which I'm guessing means making the wire go directly to the driver instead of to the potentiometer.

b. Use a Solder Gun + Hot Glue + Dremel

What I confused about: What glue brand and type do people recommend usually?

What is dermel ? A quick google search indicated they are a power tool maker…so what tools do I need or is there a good toolkit they have that features tools you'll regularly be using?

Any ways now that I've assembled my own guide. I'd appreciate help refining it.


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generally when people say dremel they mean a handheld rotary tool that accepts many different attachments, like grinders, cutters, drillbits, engraving bits, etc.

i perfer corded. your local hardware store should have one along with a huge selection of bits.



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You probably don't want any ortho drivers.  The orthodynamic drivers by SFI are things that you really have to play with to get them to sound great.  They are originally designed as tweeters and it takes some special conditions with a huge list of exceptions to get great bass out of them.  If you are looking for a quick in and out, these are not for you.


You are going to have to do some careful examination to get the pads off of those phones.  If the pads are connected to a connecting ring then it gets easier to take the pads off to get at the screws on the cups.  Without seeing the headphones in person, I can't tell you how to get them apart.  There will be screws underneath the pads that will get you to the internals.


As for changing or replacing the drivers, you need to get the headphones open first then measure the driver size so that someone can make a recommendation as to what drivers might fit in these cans.


There isn't going to be a guide to fixing these things up, per se... you are going to have to do a lot of legwork to come up with the information that you need.  Good luck.

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