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Headphone Advice - for Classic Rock, Classical, Instrumental. Detachable cord preferred

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I have been reading head-fi reviews and forums for quite some time now. I am planning on buying full sized headphone around the $100-150 mark.


Here's what I mostly listen to - www.last.fm/user/adityashevade

Apart from what is there - I also listen to classical (both western and Indian) a lot. Indian classical I listen to is mostly vocal with little or no instruments involved. In general - I don't listen to tap, hip-hop. I don't want boom boom bass. I would mostly be listening to classic rock, classical and instrumental.


My source would be mostly a clip+, unamped (though I am also considering getting an amp with the headphones if necessary). I also listen to music on my laptop and android phone (HD2). Mostly it's the clip+.


I have one problem - I have never used full size headphones before now. I have used quite a few IEMs. Almost always the cable near the headphone jack breaks. That is my major concern while buying the full sized phones - I want something that would last, preferably with a detachable cord.


After searching on the forum most people seem to be suggesting the Sennheiser HD-555 for classical. However - I am not sure how would these fair against the other music I listen to. Also - they do not have detachable cord. I also read the 84 portable headphones review and the ATH-M50 seems to be a popular choice around here but again - how is the build quality, is there any way to get them fixed if the cable breaks?


If the M50s can take some jerks and are built strong then I am almost sure of going for them but in case there are any other better phones for my needs - please suggest me a few.


EDIT - also, if you know, where can I get these in sunnyvale area? I would like to listen to them first, if possible, and not just order from Amazon.

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The only thing that stops me from fully recommending a pair of Grado SR-80i's to you is the fact that Grado makes some of the most annoying cables of all time.


However, that never stops me from recommending them to all my friends with a budget around $100. For classic rock, at this price range, I think they are one hell of deal.



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Grado's have some really positive reviews from what I have read but as I said - the wires keep breaking. It might have something to do with the IEM cables being too thin though.

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AKG K271 MKII is at $150 on Amazon now.  They come with two sets of earpads and two sets of (detachable) cables--one coiled, one straight.  One caveat is that they are a little quieter than many cheaper headphones, at 55 ohms, 91 dB/mW (104 dB/V).  As long as you're fine with say 105 dB peaks you should be okay though.  (I'm not sure about the phone's output power though--that may be lower than say the Clip+?)


As opposed to the closed K271/272, the AKG K240S is semi-open and runs at around $100 usually.  They also have a detachable cable.  The K240 MKII comes with two cables but somehow sells for a lot more.

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So the current options are,



    Shure SRH 440
    AKG 240S


Non Detachable
   AT - ATH-M50
   Senn - HD555

Any more ideas? Any idea where can I get these in Sunnyvale and if there is any service available to the non-detachable cans if they break?

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