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Waah, my VSonic GR07 broke! - Page 2

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My brother has the DTX101 and he likes them. You could just buy them (and maybe you could get them custom fitted afterwards. Beyerdynamik has this service, if I remeber correctly. He had it done when he bought them new, though).

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Originally Posted by AstralStorm View Post

Yes, here's the trick - nobody except asians and Head-Direct make stage monitors really...

And I do need these on monday, wednesday at most...


Plus I hear CC51 hates small ear canals - meaning to me I *will* have fit issues.

lets see if some else have something to chip in then. But i am more condfident about the cc51. it has a 6mm nozzle and brainwavz m1 has 5.5mm. thats not a big difference since u also add the silicone tip. But then again, i dont want to make u make a bad decision.

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If you compare the CC51 to some CX300 the difference in noozle size is huge, because the silver housing is so big! => The tips have to be bigger.




So if one of the four stores with Meelecs is close to you, just walk into one and ask if you can try them. Good thing about them is that they don't need that long of a burn in (my experience). Bad thing is that you really have to get used to the fit. The first few days were a tough time for my ears to be honest.


So while I really really like the CC51, I'd recommend 1) go to the store and try them first and 2) otherwise take a look at some DTX. Maybe you like them, but you should be able to return them anyway.

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You can probably get a phonak quick and easy. Maybe not a true top tier but it will hold you while you wait for the turn around.

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Why has no one ever suggested the Westone UM3x or the ER4?


And please, stop blindly recommending the SM3 if it doesnt fit the OP's requirements

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Get the W4 locally since it seems you don't want to have to wait for a new pair to come, send back your gr07 in the meantime and when you get it back keep the one you prefer.

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Originally Posted by KaliKot View Post

Why has no one ever suggested the Westone UM3x or the ER4?


And please, stop blindly recommending the SM3 if it doesnt fit the OP's requirements

HF5 comes to mind. I actually don't think he should be looking at these very expensive IEMs without some critical audition and if he likes the GR07, just get something of similar quality and price while he waits for a turn around.


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Fortunately, I can audition many of them on Monday.
We'll see how it goes.

Also, they'll have for the test. And Senn IE8 will serve as a reference.
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Let me warn you off of the IE8. I suspect you already know, but the IE8 falls short on the quality of the treble. It also has an annoying mid bass hump, which makes it anything but neutral or similar to the GR07. If you EQ that hump out, it's quite enjoyable, but to me, that's two strikes compared to the GR07.

Good luck. And whatever you do, do start the warranty exchange. You can always sell the GR07 when you eventually get a replacement, or keep them as back up (since you are willing to eat the cost regardless).

Personally, and this is just based on what I've read and the questions I've asked, I'd put the W4 on the top of my audition list.
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Yes, I know the shortcomings of IE8 intimately. That's why it'll serve as the bottom line.
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Originally Posted by AngryBaconGod View Post

Personally, and this is just based on what I've read and the questions I've asked, I'd put the W4 on the top of my audition list.

I want to audition those so badly, just to put my mind at ease that they aren't worth me spending over over $450 (w/ tax). Unfortunately, that would also include the risk of me absolutely falling in love with them.


As a point of reference for my curiosity, the difference gap between the sound quality score on joker's thread between 8.7 and 9.4, at least for me, was surprisingly vast - this may have to do with many personal factors having to do with sound signature of course.

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I've decided to grab Brainwavz M2 as a stopgap measure. Unequalized, they remind me of Sennheiser IE7 sans their soundstaging. (which is 3x as expensive)

The competition were Nuforce NE-700X (metallic), Fischer Audio Eterna (HORRIBLY metallic) and Westone 4.


The main funny issue is that they're a bit depth dependent - shove them in too deep and they lose all soundstage width.

They respond pretty well to eq and are better extended than GR07 at the bottom end, losing only a bit at the top.

Apparently they're the most linear with small Comply T-200.

Slight hint of boominess in bass even after eq - however great texturing anyway.


Brainwavz now includes some funny Comply S-series (cheap hard foam series? inferior series?) and hybrids as the tip set. Nothing else is different.

Superior value all around.

Preliminary equalization:



As to the Westone 4, I was a bit underwhelmed. Yes, they are perfectly clear. Yes, they're very well balanced. Is it worth the price? Not in my opinion.

They do roll off at subbass just about the same as Sleek Audio SA6 I used to have and have a slight hint of sibilance.

Fit and comfort are pretty good. Texturing is very good, however they suffer from short bass decay. (but impact and amount are almost fine)


So, the question of "where to go next" is still unanswered...

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Here follows a longer Brainwavz M2 recap:

Let's say that they're the intimate venue version of Sennheiser IE7 - those had the Sennheiser far soundstage instead. Narrower and closer.


They go down low enough to make v1 Atrios work for their money. GR07 can't compete on this front, funny enough.

The boominess is the bass boost which I've underestimated quite a bit in preliminary eq. It can be removed, which Improves soundstaging and texturing (all around, not just lows!) quite a bit.


W/o eq Brainwavz M2 sound like your typical boombox. Fun but wrong.

Equalized, they can actually compete with IEMs three times+ more expensive and actually do that better than the VSonics GR07...

Perhaps this is how the GR07 have been born? (Add troll face for VSonic's owner if applicable.)


In fact, equalized M2 are smoother and yet actually slightly better at microdetail at both ends of frequency range - extension is very close on high end, better at bottom end.


Latest EQ (yet to be simplified):



I should try to snatch a listen of newest brighter MG7 Atrio perhaps... It'd be funny to consider these a direct upgrade on GR07.



TL;DR summary:

I think that equalized Brainwavz M2 actually are better than equalized VSonic GR07. Shocking, isn't it?

I blame the slightly smaller driver and lack of venting in VSonics.

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M2...better than the gr07...haha. Uncomfortable, boomy, and unrefined...when compared to the gr07. Fine for 50 bucks but not even in the same league. The M3 is significantly better for 30 bucks more. Now that one I can believe that with a little tweaking you can get it sounding close to the gr07 but the M2 no way.
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The Vsonics have a bigger driver (11m) and actually have good venting. 

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