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Panasonic SL-CT470 attemps suicide

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Today my Panasonic 470 got its first durability test. I was cutting the grass on our lawn tractor when it started to rain so i put it in my pocket. Then it started to rain harder so I started heading back towards the garage at a high rate of speed (old lawnmower with no safety devices) all of a sudden one of my earphones popped out of my ear and the cord tried to strangle me, I looked down to see the Panasonic jump over the back fender and tire of the lawnmower. I stopped and went back and it was sitting there playing the cd like nothing happened. The lid actually stayed closed! A little dirt got behind the display and paint came off the side but it hadn't even skipped.
It took a pretty good fall too. My Sony has gone through a lot worse but it always throws my cd out onto the ground to get back at me for the mistreatment.

The only thing that worries me is when I came inside and put a different cd in the player and closed it up it seemed to take longer than normal to start (like 7 seconds maybe). I'm worried it might start to go the way of Neruda's player that's almost broken.
I'll post on here if it breaks.

I was just surprised it was able to stay closed when I dropped it. Normally only shockwave players can do that with their metal latches.
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I dropped my trusty Panasonic SL-S310 once while doing 30 km/h on my bicycle. Even though it stopped playing, it said "sorry" in the display.. I forgave him (or is it a her?), pressed play and I was on my way again!
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Note to self -

Never, never buy used audio equipment from Duece_Bigalow.

That is all.
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My trusty Philips AZ9101, ultra-cheap, is REALLY sturdy. Its all plastic, and feels like it'll break if you apply pressure with your hands, but it survived, WITHOUT A SCRATCH () from a several feet drop.....on carpet....hehe....i guess i can't really brag in this thread....deuce, u r SUCH a show-off!
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Well.... I remember the time that my Sony D-915 got trapped under the wheels of a train - slighty changed the treble response but the buttons still worked ........... all 287 of them!
He He!
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Well, I remember the time my Sony D-815 was in my pocket with my keys and when I took it out, there was a really big scratch on it (and still is)... so hah!

Oh yeah, and the time where I left it out in the sun so the plastic on the battery lid could deform...

And the time I dropped it and the cd came flying out...

And the time where I used a friend's polarized glasses to find out that there were deformities in the display...

And the time where no battery could power the cdp, and suddenly it fixed itself...
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Note to self -

Never, never buy used audio equipment from Duece_Bigalow.
Another note to self:

It's ok for Deuce to come by and mow my lawn though.
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I only sell the stuff I haven't dropped or beat up yet. :-)
I sold my teacher my Panasonic SL-S200 cause it skipped pretty easy and didn't sound great. Fortunately I had never dropped it, and Mr. Seward was not an audiophile so his cd player is still working fine and he's happy. Good thing in case I get him for a teacher again next year.

My Panasonic 470 falling off the back of the lawnmower wasn't too big of a deal. The worst incident was when I was walking down the hall listening to my Sony D-E446 and my headphone wire got caught on some bastards backpack and my cd player flew out of my hand and smashed against the cement wall and fell to the floor (not carpeted). A teacher stopped and asked if it was an accident. I was like "ah it's fine", picked it up put the batteries and cd back in and started it up and started walking again. I sure felt like an idiot though.

There are lots of other stories like that, but I'm taking care of my cd player now. Nothing I can buy will be able to replace it (including the Panasonic 470) so I don't wanna break it now.
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