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What is best? Etymotic MC5 or Shure se210? ultimate ears?

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Hello i´m new here! i´m from Brazil, and i was searching for reviews about this two in ears, i don´t know much about in ears, and i´m trying to buy something not much expensive.

i only has a Koss - the plug.

can anyone help me in this task? i want to hear a good quality sound.


if there are any good options in the price range of the two above they are welcome. but i like to know what is the best Etymotic MC5 or Shure se210.


thanks to all


i read a lot of reviews here and they are great!


thanks again.

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some help the new ones here?



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You should be looking at the Shure SE215, not the SE210 because they're dreadfully bad. 

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se215 or hf3, both better than your other choices and around same price

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210 are very musical and fun.

They've got brand Shure Mids, lot of people like it.

Others - no. Airy, not punchy bass, not good highs.

But after couple of time i was listening to all genres of music from my iPods.

They are very good, especially for their money.


HF are analitical, more thin sounding, sometimes boring. But they do more professional sound, more details, more neutral.


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I can recommend the Head Direct REO if you want a equal sound. If you listen to dance or hip hop then you will probably want more bass which is where the Kilpsch Image S4's are best at. All headphones are gonna need a decent burn in time to sound the best, keep that in mind. 


Thanks, Thomas

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this is a difficult choice, cause i don't know much about music, i wanna know more.

what is this neutral sound?

i like a lot kid of music.

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Hmm....Let's make it as simple as I can say... neutral sound would mean everything sounds equal like the bass is equal and the treble is equal. Some people are annoyed by that and call it "thin" or "weak". I also could recommend the Audio Technica In ear Diagram from Amazon. It is regular $99 but costs about $45 dollars. It has 5HZ - 24,000 KHZ, as well as a little extra bass but NOT overpowering. I love em! I actually have a Brand new just opened box pair of backups. They are great!

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neutral means a equal balance of bass, mid, and highs without any of them overpowering. Personally speaking i own both the SE215 (NOT 210) and the HF5 (same as HF3 without mic). Like Berkovajazz said above, the HF5 sounds more "professional" meaning they are much more serious about precision listening. I usually use the HF5 for Audio Staging because of its Clarity and Precision. The SE215 is for sure a more "fun" sounding IEM. Powerful bass, warm mids, and recessed highs. The SE215s are by far much more comfortable and it does come with a replaceable cable for a quick fix if something goes wrong with the cable. Honestly your choice, surely there are more IEMs out there like the Phonak PFE, Westone 1, Westone UM1, Earsonic SM1, ect ect... But my advice to you is, i had both the MC5 and HF5. I returned my MC5 for the HF5. Keep that in mind. If you're interested in both the SE215 and HF5 check out my review http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/553343/review-edited-shure-se215-iem-review. Good luck

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ok thanks :)


but what about Ultimate ears 700? it's better than shure se210 or se215?

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I think the Ultimate Ears have a more "balanced" presentation than the SE215s but that's only because the SE215s arent very balanced at all.. Hard to say, i don't know if the UE 700 is worth buying over the SE215.. personally, the Phiaton PS200 are much better than the UE700. you can't really trust others opinions on what's good or what's not. I'm not sure if there is a local hifi store in brazil or not, but if there, it's worth going there to try out different IEMs of your choice

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Personally, I prefer the Etymotic HF5. It's hard to find a more accurate and "neutral" sound at this price point. They do seem to lack bass at first, but once you adjust to their sound signature, they are quite incredible.

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Etymotics are great to instrumental music. 

Shure 210 are good to all genres, but you should to like their sound signature with a gold Shure mids.

SE215 is another league, they are one of the top Dynamic earphones. They've got big sound, like headphones, very good soundstage, good bass + again very good mids, and "Shure highs":). Very musical and fun. 215 are great to slow and not very hard music, not for hard rock. Also very good vocals, very natural sounding. Not detailed sound.

Ultimate Ears 700 are good. They like all music, cause thay are detailed, good bass (low bass is soft, but good mid bass), good detailed mids, good highs. They will be more universal from all what you called. But i think their sound signature not for all, love them or hate them (for example, they were great with Zune HD, but not good with iPod Touch 2G), you need little warm-sounding source (like rockboxable players).

True audiophiles hates EQ with Etymotics, but i think everybody can try to give more bass;)

ps sorry for my English:D


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and what about UE triple fi 10? good? better than shure 215?

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Originally Posted by rafaelheaven View Post

and what about UE triple fi 10? good? better than shure 215?

They are if you can get them to fit. I couldn't.


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