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L cables for E7+E9

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im thinking about getting the E7+E9 combo (unless someone can convince me otherwise for something around the same price and better) and i was wondering what the difference is with all the L cables you can get with it?


also is it worth getting the L7 aswell?



using it mostly with my ipod original and laptops (gaming mostly) and maybe sometimes on my PC but that has a X-Fi titanium HD in it.


headphones are either ATH-A900 or HD650s

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If you are using the E7 in combination with the E9 there is no need for the L7.


The L7 let's you connect the E7 to your PC and gets you an 3.5mm line out from the E7. So the E7 only utilizes the DAC and not it's own amplifier. 


Now when you connect the E7 into the E9 dock, it does exactly the same and uses the E7's DAC and the E9s Amp (USB cable goes into E9, gets routed via the E7 and then uses the E9 to amplify the converted signal to your headphones).


However if you use the E7 with an iPod I would recommend using the line out of the iPod for which you would need the L3 cable that connects to the iPod dock connector and then plugs into the E7 3.5mm in. Otherwise you will amplify the sound that is already amplified from the iPod (if you use headphone out). The sound coming from the iPod via the L3 cable is un-altered and as clean as possible.


Hope that helps,


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thanks very much, that helps a lot :). I understand everything you said YAY

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Cool, mission accomplished! ;-) Enjoy!!

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