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Klipsch S4 vs Audio-technica ES55 vs AKG Q460 or vs something like that..

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Hi guys I'm new here but I'am very happy that I have found forum like this. What I need from you guys is advice. I'm going to buy new headphones. Right now I'm using sennheisers cx 400 II and I'm not very happy with them and also they are starting to break at jack part. I'm thinking of Klipsch S4's beacose every review I have seen was very very pozitive... and overall these looks very nice and it would be ideal for my iphone that I'm using as my main music source. But however I would like to try some over-ear headphones like Audio technica ES55's they look fantastic they have fantastic parameters only thing I dont like is that they dont have any accessories or maybe I'm wrong beacose I didn't found any review of them or something like that.. So I will be very happy if someone with experience will wrtite in this post :) And the third beauties I'm thinking of are AKG Q460's they look amaizing parameters are amaizing too it has accessories and all that.. But I dont know anybody that has these so again I will be very happy if someone could help me. I'm open to your advice's also you can tell some other headpones that would fit me I would be just happy :) I'm listening mostly to dnb rap breakbeat.. Thanks for your help :)

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I can't comment on the AT's.  I can highly recommend the S4's though.  I have been using them since 2009, and they remain my favorite earphones.  I have used Klipsch X5 (a major step above the S4, but discontinued now, and an armature design, so very different sound), Ultimate Ears 700, Super-Fi 5, Sennheiser CX300, CX200, Monster Turbines Pro Gold, Turbines, as well as a host of boutique budget earphones from MEElectronics, Maximo, etc.  There are a lot of good reviews for the S4.  The overwhelming majority of bad ones are found here on Head Fi.  The S4 are by no means the best available under $100, according to everyone on these forums.  But I have tried a ton of the sub-$100 competition, and still come out preferring the S4.  The key word is "prefer," which suggests that as is always the case, this is a highly subjective matter, and you may hear something quite different.  I happen to like the "Klipsch" sound, and the S4 capture that to one degree or another, with their "V" sculpted sound signature.  It works great for all different varieties of metal, which is my primary domain. They are not shy on bass, and the mids are quite smooth, great soundstage, and trebly to an extent.  I have more than 100 hours of burn in on them, and the sound smoothes out over time, the bass tightens up, and the treble is not as harsh, though I never thought the treble on them was ever harsh, for some others it is.  Again, very subjective.  The sound quality on all the others I have tried, from UE, MEElectronics, Maximo, etc., is quite good, but comfort and fit were what drove me elsewhere.  The S4 excel in the comfort department, and lucky enough for me, I really enjoy the SQ as well.  They get my highest recommendation, even if most on Head Fi will always tell you that "there is better in that price range."  

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Read my impressions here of the ES55.



ES55>S4 no comparison. The S4 isn't that great of an IEM. You can do much better than the S4 such as the RE-0/Zero, Sunrise X-Cape, Phonak Audio PFE112.


I'd bet my ES55 beats the Q460. I can't say for sure because I never heard the Q460 but never has a headphone made me think of selling my beloved HD650.


So far every single headphone mentioned here, I prefer the ES55. I've heard almost every headphone mentioned here so far by the way.

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Thank you. I just have dediced I'm going for ES55 for sure. I'll let you know of my impressions when they arrive :)

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i'm pretty much in the exact same boat as sel00264. I enjoy the S4 signature and they are by far the most comfortable IEM's I have worn.

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After thinking a while I just ordered a pair of SE 215... :D I hope my decission wont be wrong..

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