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HD 650 cable vs HD 600/580

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I just read this on Stefan AudioArt's site 


Performance TIP:  The Sennheiser HD600/580 stock headphone cable is MUCH better sonically than the Sennheiser HD650 stock cable. The HD650 stock headphone cable uses considerably more signal polluting dielectric which degrades the audio signal. If you want to improve the overall sound of your HD650's, change the stock headphone cable to the HD600/580 stock headphone cable. That improvement just scratches the surface as far as how much sonic improvement the E-Series cables offer the Sennheiser HD650, HD600 and HD580 headphones.




This is very interesting since everywhere I looked, people said the HD 650 cable is better. I just received my HD 650 cable today (I've been using a HD 600/580/565/545/535/525/265 cable with my HD 650) and I did a quick 5 minute comparison; left side with HD 650 cable and right with HD 600 cable both connected to same source with a splitter. I noticed the 600's cable have noticeably more highs and are less muddy than the 650's with a stereo/reverse stereo test, however I didn't have time to do an in-dept testing since I'm in a loud environment at the moment. Anyone know or have any experience of the two stock cables? 

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I just built a Silver Dragon V3 cable today and there was an obvious difference between the HD650 stock cable and the Silver Dragon cable. I noticed what you noticed sort of -- not really more highs but clearer highs with more detail.  The headphone sounds a bit more airy now, less thick and muddy.  


Judging from that, I'd say you might have a pretty valid point.  Since I do have a spare HD650 cable now (keeping it as a backup, and for testing purposes) I could maybe do some A/B in a true form later.


Keep us posted.  Also, do you know off hand how much the HD600 cable is from Sennheiser?  I've seen it for $40ish, but I don't really know if that's a good price these days.


Also, any reason not to go with some nice silver cable if you're going to be playing around with cable differences?  

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I bought my HD 650 with a 600 cable and I just bought the 650 cable because it was $15 shipped. I don't plan on spending money on cables any time soon, but I thought it would be interesting to note despite 650 being high-end, its cable(sound quality) isn't that great TBH.


The HD 600 cable costs around $40-$45 from Sennheiser IIRC. I can't find it on ebay though, I only see 650 cables.

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I have the 650's. That's interesting that the older cables might be even better, might have to pick up a 600 cable.

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I hope these guys are able to conjure up some verifiable measurements to back up their specific, factual representation that the stock 650 cable contains "signal polluting dielectric which degrades the audio signal" as compared to other cables.


My guess is that their evidence is in the same league with the "clinical trials" performed by the makers of Airborne - consisting of two dudes in a basement, absent any clinic, scientists or doctors.  (http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/03/04/makers-of-airborne-settle-false-ad-suit-with-refunds/)


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Having owned both the HD600 and HD650 with stock and aftermarket cables, IMO, the HD650 cable is definitely the better sounding of the two. The HD600 cable is drier and thinner sounding.


HeadphoneAddict found the same in his APS V3 review for the HD600s: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/301979/review-apuresound-v3-silver-cable-with-copper-core-for-sennheiser-vs-stock-hd600-hd650-cables

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I tried both the HD-600 and HD-650 stock cables on my HD-600 as well and do agree with Stefan audioart, but to a point.


The HD-600 cable gave me the impression of more forward mids. Most likely this was due to the slightly reduced bass on the HD-600 cable. When I switched to the HD-650 there was a noticeable increase in bass quantity and soundstage size. Very strange. I guess when you add in extra treble and bass with the HD-650 cable, this had to effect the mids in some way.


I think Sennheiser included the HD-600 cable for the HD-600 for a reason. I doubt it's just to save money.


Even a DIY cheap cable for under $30 is still better..


I imagine for those that want a more neutral sound out of the HD-650, the HD-600 cable is one option.

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I tried the 650 cable on my HD 25 and it made them more enjoyable. The highs are less pronounced which makes them less fatiguing and the bass have more of a body now. Hopefully someone can try this out too?

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So in other words, the sonic difference between two cables is basically same as the two headphones itself.

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