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Need advice on headphones.

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Hey y'all,


I'm new to the headphone business so I was just wondering if anyone could give me some tips. I'm looking for over-the-ear/around-the-ear headphones for an all around purpose. Right now I'm using Sony MDR-NC7 headphones and I really want to upgrade (these things kill my ears).


I'm looking for something that will give me decent crisp/clean sound in the mids/highs with a good low end when listening to music from my iPod/Mac. I mostly listen to rock/pop-punk/alternative style, indie/folk, classical, bands like Thrice and Scary Kids Scaring Kids, sometimes hip-hop/rap and also stuff like Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson. I'm hoping to learn to mess with EQ settings too.


I'm also looking for something that's pretty comfortable (looking to wear for more than 2 hours at times since I also record music in my spare time).


I'm picky too I guess since I've grown up with music my whole life, so if my demands are too much then sorry for that :P


Lastly, I'm on a tight budget.


So what I'm looking for in a nutshell is something that sounds awesome while not hurting my ears over a long period of time.


I've been considering the following: (Don't worry, I already say no to Beats and Bose)


1. Sony MDR-V6
2. Shure SRH 440/840
3. Sennheiser HD-280
4. Grado SR60 (although it's not really over the ear I've read good things about it)
5. Sennheiser HD 448

6. Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (although I've read these are not comfortable)


If you have better suggestions that's great too!


Thanks guys for your time :)

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I can attest that the DH448's are very good for what you're looking for; though less boomy in the bass. Just tight controlled bass. It's a rather neutral sound actually from these headphones. Great for listening to music that has a lot of emphasis on mids. Based on your music tastes, it would likely suite you well. My only complaint about them is the comfort. The set felt kind of cheap to me. It didn't have that heavy feel to it that I crave. And I'm not a fan of non-cloth pads. My pads must be cloth. I won't fool with plastic/pleather stuff. That said, you can also check out the HD438's. They're actually the same basically, except the 438 has more response on the low frequency side of things (more bass). The HD438's also are cloth padded. Only down fall is that they have a weird grill pattern. Otherwise, they're only like $70 or so new on Amazon.


Very best,

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Hey dude, I am new to posting here as well. Only headphones I can speak to are the Grado SR60i, which I own a pair of. They are really great, I couldn't be happier with them. The only 2 downsides I have experienced with them so far is they are a little uncomfortable, and they leak a lot of sound. The comfort level is getting more bearable with more frequent use, however the sound leakage cannot be understated...these cans are like having speakers on your ears. So if you are looking for more isolated sound so as not to bother others, I would recommend the m50's (Im planning on getting these in a couple months when the price drops to around $100 or so). 

The other great thing about the SR60i's is that they do not require an amp to be powered, your laptop/ipod/whatever are powerful enough. Also, there is a great thread on this site about modding SR60's because they are the cheapest Grado model and can be upgraded rather cheaply and easily.


In the meantime, check out these threads as well



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Thanks for your input! Yeah I've been in this mental battle between the Sonys and the Sennheisers HD448. I'm not too picky about build quality (my cheap plastic Sonys right now are doing me justice).


Thanks again!

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Hey man thanks too! Yeah I've read many great things about the Grados, but you pointed out they leak sound so I might have to stay away from it. I'm still a college student so probably wouldn't be appreciated in the library (I probably should have mentioned something about noise isolation).  Maybe I will pick up a pair later for use in my room though...



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I've also spent time on the HD280 Pros. I liked the actual headset to an extent and the sound was good. They grip really well, so it will help with keeping some noise from leaking. The headset itself feels pretty sturdy, unlike the HD448's (HD428's were aweful, HD438's were better simply with the cloth pads but same head set). My only real complaint about the headset is that it's got those plastic/pleathur ear pads which I dislike. They had decent audio response, good spectrum was displayed, and bass was tight and represented well, but not overwhelming. Between the two, the HD280 Pro's were definitely better on my head and sounded better to me. My only issue with the sound was that I heard a lot of airy stuff from various devices. Made me want something with higher impedance immediately.


You just mentioned that you might use them in the library. All cans are going to leak to an extent. In a quiet environment like that, you will be heard. For the library, you're best off with IEM's.


I'll point you to the Shure SE215's: http://www.amazon.com/Shure-SE215-K-Sound-Monitor-Black/dp/B004PNZFZ8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1308810252&sr=8-1


Great sound, good overall representation of the frequency range. Very handy break away cables. If you need to be quiet around people but want to crank it up, you're better off going in-ear. Over ear cans simply will always be heard to an extent in a quiet zone.


Very best,

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M50 is not a good choice for portable headphones, and it's true it's not comfortable.

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Hey guys,


I think I have settled on the Shure SRH 440s. Like I stated, I do record music so I think the 440's will do me justice for my casual listening in my room and for monitoring.

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Hey man, I'm selling a pair of shures srh 440s. Send me a message if youre down to work something out?

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I have the shure SRH440's and they sound great! The balance is overall good and the fold so they save space if you take them on the road! Nice choice!!

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I know this is reallllllyyyyyyy late, but after battling between the M50s and SRH440s, I have ordered the Shures. Thanks to everyone for their help!

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