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For Trade: WTT: 30GB iPod Video (5G)

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This Classified is Closed

For Trade:
WTT: 30GB iPod Video (5G)

Will Trade For: 16GB MP3 Player or Headphones
Will Ship To: CONUS

Heya, I have a iPod Video I'd like to see what I could trade for. I really don't have need for 30GBs of storage, and I'd like to see if I could trade it for a 16GB MP3 player (A Sony one is of particular interest), or even a pair of headphones if the offer was right.


Condition is not great, but it's not too bad either. It has one long scratch on the back running from the very top to nearly the bottom. It's not a deep scratch, it's more of a scuff, because it doesn't even scratch through the Apple logo. Another thing of note is it has what looks like air bubbles under the control wheel. It doesn't affect functionality any, but if image is important to you might might be somewhat of an issue.


As far as function goes, it works just as well as any other iPod. This model CAN run Rockbox, and if you want it, I can put it on for you.


I'll try to get some pictures up at some point. I think it's condition is maybe better than I made it seem, but for the sake of full disclosure I wanted to list all the flaws it has. Again, functionally it works just fine.

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Bumpan with pics.

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I have a Walkman S639 16gb, interested?

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hi please send it by USPS. also i'll send the headphones by tuesday, USPS is closed due to the holiday season.

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Trade pending.


Thanks to all that expressed interest.

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