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For Sale:
FS: Audio Technica M50 Straight Cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere


 I am the first owner of these headphones, of which I bought on February 7, 2011 and received in Canada on around late February/early March. I have already fully burned them in and owned them for several months, and I would estimate that around 50~100 hours are on them.

 The black frame and leather cushions are like-new from what I can see, while the only evidence of usage are a few small metallic silver marks on the gray rings on the exterior side of the headphones, on both sides. Most of these can only been seen from around 30cm away at close observation, however on the left headphone ring there is a thin metallic line that can be seen if you look for it at twice that distance. Also the spring used to provide further protection to the cable end, attached to the reinforced plug has detached, and can be removed or reattached as you like.


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