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Toronto meet, Sunday August 7th  

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Hey guys,


So it seems we haven't had a Toronto meet for a bit so I'm hosting one on Sunday Auguset 7th noon - 6pm.  Same place as before, party room of my Condo, previous meet details here.


Meet impressions :


As usual, to try to cover the costs of the meet, there will be raffle for some awesome audio gear, tickets will be $5 or $10 per ticket depending on final prize pool.  If anybody wants to contribute something to be raffled off, that's always appreciated.  My prize contribution(s) will likely remain a surprise until the day of the meet, lots of building to finish. :)


Please be sure that your name is on the list, security at the front desk will have this list and will let you in.  If you're not on the list, they'll call my cellphone and I'll have to let you in.


Hope to see you all there.


The guest list so far: 21 Confirmed, 5 Maybe




redleader (maybe)



cyberspyder (+2)

d.n.d. (maybe)


mwallace573 (maybe)

landis (maybe)




zida (maybe)








jtinto +1

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End of July sounds perfect for me.

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I'd be interested for late July. The weeked of the 23rd would be perfect!


Arrrgh - just checked my calendar - that the only weekend in July that doesn't work for me. Thought my engagement was the previous weekend.  Never been to a meet and was looking forward to it - anyway - enjoy and happy listening. Catch you next time.

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I'll come if I'm not in Vancouver at the time. :)

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Im in! That weekend is good for me as well!

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I'll show up if I'm back from England in time, it's up in the air if I'll be flying back on the 22nd, or up to the 28th.

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Hey Pavel - I'm up for a meet - missed the last one and I'm anxious and overdue for another one of your terrific meets.

Try to avoid the 16th/17th - other than those two days I'm pretty well free for ANY other day, seeing as.. after 37 years I'm finally retiring effective June 30.

So let the good times roll my friend.



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Sounds great, we'll lock in this date.


Bryan, congratulations on the retirement, and right on my dad's birthday too. :)  May it bring many great opportunities to listen to music! :)

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Perfect, I will have new mid fi (versus budget fi) system to bring in the form of a AKG K601 and a fiio E9 Amp.


If anyone is interested also probably selling my ATH M50s at the meet and if anyone wants it a pair of Grado SR80

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It will be my first meet, and I am very interested.


I will bring my W3, T50-RP (Hopefully modded by then), ALO RxMKII, RSA Tomahawk.


Can't wait.

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Sorry guys, it looks like I'll be in Vancouver at the time. Enjoy the meet, and see you guys next time!

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Put me down for +1. My GF would like to come as shes starting to get into hi fi

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what do you guys do at the meets?

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Listen to music, check out equipment, talk to people, have a few drinks, chill, the usual stuff.

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If I'm not going out that night (birthday dinner maybe), I'll try to make it.
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