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Hi, I am currently using audinst hud-mx1 and some apple lossless music as the source. I am planning to upgrade my can from akg k530 to senn hd600. Usually I listen to pop and classical, sometimes maybe jazz and r&b. I have some questions with this upgrade idea and hope anyone has more experience could help me out.


1. Would hd600 be a good choice? I know that there are other choices like the d2000 and k701 in the $300 price range but seems they are either too focus on the bass or the treble.


2. I heard that hd600 is hard to drive. Do I need an amp for that? Or I can stick with my mx1 dac/amp? I have looked at some amps that are suggested for hd600, such as m-stage, corda swing and darkvoice 337, any other choices with budget <$300? I know they are different and I am not sure if I will go for the tube amps because personally I am not that into warm sound.


Thanks in advance!