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Hifiman RE272 top of the line IEM Loaner program - Page 2

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Location : Sydney, Australia

Sources : NFB-12, Phillips GoGear Vibe MP3, iRiver S10

Headphones: Sennheiser HD650, LCD-2


Amplifiers: Meier Concerto



Note: I'll be attending a Sydney meet on the 10th of July, so there will be a greater number oof people who can experience the RE272s if you send them out to us guys in Sydney.




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I'd love to give these a shot.


Location: Ohio, USA

Sources: GrubCableDAC, Music Streamer II, HTC Thunderbolt, iPod Touch, iPod Nano

Amps: Millett Hybrid MiniMAX, CMoy

IEMs: VSonic GR07, Grado GR8, Shure SE530

    IEM previous experience: Fischer Audio DBA-02, Audio-Technica CK10, Head-Direct RE0, RE252, RE262, Monster Turbine, Turbine Pro Copper, Phonak Audeo PFE122, Jays Q-jays, Sunrise Xcape V1, Altec-Lansing iM716, Yuin OK2, Sennheiser IE8

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Location : Pennsylvania (Philadelphia suburbs), United States


Sources : DIYmodded 5.5 gen ipod classic, CM7 modded Nook Color, Apple Macbook Pro, Acer desktop PC with a Chaintech AV-710 feeding an AMB Gamma2 DAC


Headphones I have owned or currently own:  Audio-Technica ATH-A700, AKG K701, Grado SR-60i


IEMs:  Head-Direct RE0, Etymotic ER4S


Amplifiers: AMB Mini3, Purity Audio K.I.C.A.S. Caliente, modded Bravo2 Hybrid


Comment:  Love the RE0s and I've been considering getting the RE-262s, so naturally I would love to audition these and provide a review.

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I'll join in. I'm incredibly interested in the RE262, and if these are good enough, I might splurge.


Sources: NaNite N2, Hisoundaudio Studio-V Sony A726, Blackberry Tour, EMU 0204


IEM's: Monster Turbine Gold and Copper, MEElectronics M9, M21, M31, CC51, CX21, CW31 SP51, Brainwavz M1 and M3, was in the B2 loaner, Phiaton PS20, eSmooth ES360, ES530, Sony EX85, Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4


Headphones (if it's important): AKG K271, Audio Technica ATH-2, Beyerdynamic DT48, DT220, Fostex T50RP, Koss Technician VFR, PortaPro, KSC75, Philips The Stretch, Realistic Pro 50 (Sextett OEM), Smeggipucks


Amps: EMU 0204, Harmon Kardon HK420


Got more stuff, updated.

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Location: Boston MA


IEM: IE8/MTP(copper)/IE7(sold)/Hifiman RE0( odds these have different package than Head-direct RE) / Tri.fi pro5( broken) / Sennheiser CX300,500/

Source: Itouch/J3/ cowon I9

portable amp: E7


BTW did you guys graduate from NanKai University at TianJin?    


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I'll try them. Philly. I have the RE0 and had the RE2.

Thanks Fang.

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Location : WA state

My portable gear : Rocoo-b, UHA-4-->Thinkpad X220-->FLAC

All Iems I own - Sennheiser IE7, reshelled Triplefi10, JVC FX700, Westone 4

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RE272 will be available since this week. I will like to know your address info so that I can ship samples to you guys. Would you pls PM me your address and phone number? Thanks a lot. 

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Location: PA, United States

Portable sources: Ipod Nano

Sources: High Resolution Technology Music Streamer II+

Amps: Burson 160, Little Dot MK III, Little Dot MK 1+

IEMS: Sennheiser CX300,

Headphones: AKG 702s,ATH-AD700,Sony XB700,ATH-M50,

Comment: I don't know if I will qualify as I don't have much experience with IEMs, If not thats ok. On the other hand you could have a review from a guy that uses mostly over the ear headphones, I'm sure that would be interesting.
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Location: TN, United States

Portable sources: Clip+, Cowon J3

IEMS: Re0, re-zero

I'm not sure if I'm too late for this or if I apply, but I'd really love to test out these headphones. I'm currently heavily debating the 262's or 272's and this would most help me greatly to decide what to go with.

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We have sold out the first batch. We will ship all trial samples in the 2nd batch. We will start to do shipping sometimes next week according the following procedure. 4 samples will be shipped. 


Team US 1 (west)








Team US 2 (east)








Team Asia








Team Commonwealth of Nations and Brazil






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Great to hear, Fang! Is there going to be any kind of strict protocol regarding reviews and passing it along (i.e. keep for one week, write a review, shipped with tracking and insurance, that kind of thing)?

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I'm sure if a member is abusing his/her privilege, or not following it,  it'll be duly noted.  Rest assured, you'll get them quickly after my review (assuming the list goes by the team order).  I believe the teams are grouped so that the cost of shipping/tracking/insurance is as minimal as possible - and rightfully so.

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Thanks Fang

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