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Amp recommendations for HiFiMAN HE-500

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Inspired by the LCD-2 thread concerning almost the same subject, I hope this thread could be used as a sharing experience arena for which DAC & amp you HE-500 owners use.


I received my HE-500 2 days ago and so far I have used them on the following of my amps:


a) Hegel HD10 + Violectric V200

b) Burson HA-160D


It´s way to early to conclude, but these few days I have focused on the Hegel / Violectric combo. Need more time to choose between these two.


And the rest of you HE-500 guys (and girls?); what amp / DAC do you prefer / use to your HE-500?





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Good idea to start this off.  I'll be joining the HE-500 owners soon enough.  The last time I heard the HE-500s was at a meet and of all the amps I tried 'em with (Lyr, WA2, and some others) the WA6-SE was best.

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I don't own planar cans, however I will say a word about the Lyr and the input tubes.  They make a significant contribution to the sound you're going to hear in your HFs, and the stock JJ's just don't do the Lyr justice.

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I just received mine today and only have about 10 hr of burn in on them. My Skylla / BA combo seems to be driving them just fine.They are about 30min less efficient than the lcd2. (meaning instead of the volume being at 9:00, its at 9:30)

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^ No balanced cable handy for EC Balancing Act impressions?  smile.gif

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I have a balanced Q-audio cable for it.  Just trying to burn the cable and can in first.

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Any1 has tried the HE-500 with the Lyr?


Seems HE-4 + Lyr is pretty good, but I dont know that much about HE-500 + Lyr



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^ Headfier Leesure owns that combo.  He also owns the 6SE.  I believe he's told me he likes the 6SE better overall, but don't quote me.  I know I did when I briefly heard both w/ HE-500s in meet conditions.  You can ask him for further info.


Edit: his impressions are on page 63 and 64 of this thread.

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Which would be best for a small budget? a Lyr or EF5? Besides I don't want to do tube rolling.

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I´ve concluded and the best combination for my ears enjoying the most out of the HE-500 (in ranked order).


- Hegel HD10 + Violectric V200

- Burson HA-160D


Soundstage and imaging are better with the former combination. On other headphones I own, the result is not the same...



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After 30-something hours of auditioning, The HE-500s benefit best from the Audio-Gd Fun (modified).  Same CD player

used through the Nuforce Icon Dac, and the venerable Grace m902.  Does anyone have experience with Leben/HE-500 combination?

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I heard the HE500 through several amps and the beta22 was my favorite. The WA2 was also a good pairing.

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Since I already have a RWA 30.2 LFP-V I tried it with the HE-500 ... SUPERB sound and the best I have heard the HE-500. It helps it was driven by an Isabella LFP-V in low gain. Having said so the HE-500 also sounds very nice out of a modified Jaycar HA, a Monarchy Audio NM24 using the line stage output via an rca to 1/4" plug. I should not forget the Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 modified by PinkFloyd.

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I'm about to buy a pair of HE-500 to be used with a WA6-SE.  Hope that combination will sound better than the LCD-2 with WA6-SE which didn't wow me enough to want to buy them.  Where I am, the only way to audition is to buy and then return if no likey.  Sucks I know. Impossible to compare T1, Senn 800 and HE-500 all at once.

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The best I've heard is off a speaker amp but I don't have a lot of headphone amps for comparison. Of those I have listened to the 500s on, they all do a good job.
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